Gordon Brown Calls on Boris Johnson to Force Global Action Against the Cost of Living Crisis | Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has said Boris Johnson needs to force global action to tackle inflation and food shortages instead of slipping from “crisis to crisis” as he predicted planned increases in corporation and fuel taxes would be scrapped.

The former prime minister, who was chancellor for a decade under Tony Blair, said “any sensible government” would try to get world leaders around the table to deal with the impending economic crisis and create a plan for growth.

Brown, who was number 10 at the time of the financial crash in 2008, said world leaders “should make a plan” to bring oil prices down, get food supplies running around the world and impose inflation controls.

He also told the BBC One’s Sunday Morning program that Chancellor Rishi Sunak would have to scrap planned tax increases, while criticizing his previous budgets for not tackling family poverty.

“I suppose what the government will have to do this fall is give up their corporation tax increase,” he said. “I suppose they will not be able to continue to raise their fuel tax because it is yet another pressure on inflation.”

Brown would not say what level of pay increase should be given to public sector workers, but argued that it should be set over three years, pushing the idea of ​​a “ceiling on executive pay”.

Asked about Labor’s own plan for growth and accusations that Keir Starmer did not capture public attention, Brown said the Labor leader should “ignore this”.

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“Because the exciting thing about Keir Starmer’s leadership is that he wants a plan for growth. I do not think politicians need to make outrageous statements. They need to get people to talk and explain and get answers, ”he said.

Johnson and Sunak had been expected to give a big talk on the economy, but it appears to have been delayed until next month, with the prime minister signaling that tax cuts promised to save his leadership may not happen before the autumn budget.

Johnson is expected to attend the Commonwealth’s cabinet meeting in Rwanda next week, where the world economy will be on the agenda, as well as the climate crisis, security and other issues.

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