(G)I-DLE achieves their highest sales performance ever


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(G)I-DLE continues to show their global popularity, taking home their highest ever sales performance during the second quarter of this year.

(G)I-DLE continues to prove their immense global popularity as they achieve their highest ever performance during the second quarter of this year. Their agency, Cube Entertainment, revealed that they earned 28.2 billion won in sales and a culmination of 1.8 billion won in operating profit.


Their earnings also indicate a tremendous growth in their success. In contrast to their sales in the second quarter of last year, (G)I-DLE’s profits have increased by 56% and 264% respectively. Also, compared to last quarter, their sales have increased more than 10% from their earned 25.5 billion won.

Looking at half-year figures, the group achieved 53.6 billion won in sales and 3.6 billion won in operating profit. This also saw an increase as last year’s half-year earnings were recorded at 34.3 billion won and 2.7 billion won respectively. Overall, net profit increased by 70% compared to the previous quarter, illustrating the group’s highest quarterly performance in their career.

Their achievements are a result of their dedicated efforts this year. (G)I-DLE released their full-length album, i will never die in March this year. The title track, “TOMBOY”, was an international hit, ranking on music charts globally. In addition, Miyeon achieved an incredible 100,000 sales in the first week for her solo album, MINEwhich was revealed in April.

However, the group also increased content sales, increasing 80% since last quarter and 420% since last year. Content sales included things like selling fan club memberships and tour merchandise.

The group is currently visiting global fans on their 18-city world tour. It began in Seoul in June, followed by the conclusion of their American tour leg in 8 cities across the United States.

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Image source: Cube Entertainment

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