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Ghostbusters Afterlife Sequel Announced | The movie blog

Ghostbusters Afterlife Sequel Announced |  The movie blog

Sony announces the official sequel to Ghostbusters Afterlife. The news comes from Cinemacon 2022, where we get a lot of news updates. The news comes after the success of the latest film and will be a direct sequel. IGN shares the following:

Although not many details were given, Sony officially announced the next Venom and Ghostbusters movies at CinemaCon 2022.

No release dates were announced, but they were confirmed in a southern roll from Sony that also shared a few seconds of footage from Kraven the Hunter.

I’m glad the movie series continues. The original Ghostbusters is the first movie I owned as a kid. The Bill Murray and Ghostbusters series have a special place in my heart thanks to nostalgia. I love the idea of ​​more movies and the idea of ​​a real ghost-blasting team.

Crossing fingers that we will get more details about this film series in the near future. That’s all I have for this one.

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