Germany: No charges for the Czech tycoon’s 257 mph stunt

BERLIN (AP) – German prosecutors have decided not to prosecute a Czech millionaire who drove a powerful sports car along a German motorway at speeds of at least 414 kilometers per hour (257 mph).

The German news agency dpa reported on Friday that prosecutors in the town of Stendal reviewed footage of the stunt and concluded that Radim Passer had not broken the law when he pushed his Bugatti Chiron to extreme speeds on a stretch of autobahn between Berlin and Hanover.

In a post below the video, which was uploaded to social media, Passer wrote that the video was recorded last year on a 10-kilometer (6-mile) straight section with three lanes and “visibility along the entire stretch.”

“Safety was a priority, so circumstances had to be safe to go,” he said.

More than two-thirds of Germany’s motorway network has no speed limit, a feature that has attracted foreign drivers who want to drive at breakneck speeds that are not allowed in their own countries.

German authorities can still prosecute motorists who drive in a way that is considered reckless, regardless of their speed. But Stendal’s prosecutors told the news agency dpa that they believed Passer had not put anyone in danger because he had chosen the best time and conditions for the stunt.

The recent rise in fuel prices and Russia’s war on Ukraine have revived a debate in Germany on introducing a universal speed limit to help the country get rid of Russian energy, but the pro-business Free Democratic Party, which runs the Ministry of Transport, has rejected the idea. .


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