Gasoline prices fell by INR 8.69, diesel by INR 7.05

The price of petrol on Sunday was lowered by INR 8.69 per liter. liters and the price of diesel with 7.05 INR per.

On Saturday, the government announced a record-breaking cut of INR 8 per capita. liters in excise duty on petrol and a reduction of 6 INR on diesel. The excise tax reduction will result in a reduction of INR 8.69 per liters of gasoline in Delhi and 7.05 INR in diesel per. liters after taking into account its impact on other taxes.

Prices across different cities

Gasoline in the national capital now costs INR 96.72 per liter. liters against the previous 105.41 INR. Diesel is now priced at 89.62 INR per. liters as opposed to 96.67 INR previously, showed a price announcement from state-owned fuel dealers. In Mumbai, petrol prices have been cut to INR 111.35 per liter. liters from INR 120.51, while diesel prices have fallen to INR 97.28 per liter. liters from 104.77 INR.

Prices vary from state to state depending on the occurrence of local taxes such as VAT. Gasoline now costs 106.03 INR per. liters in Kolkata (formerly 115.12 INR) and 102.63 INR in Chennai (formerly 110.85 INR). Diesel is priced at 92.76 INR per. liters in Kolkata (formerly 99.83 INR) and 94.24 INR in Chennai (formerly 100.94 INR).

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May 22, 2022

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