Gaia comes to Holland Park and Notting Hill churches

John the Baptist in Holland Park has hosted Gaia, the seven meter wide floating globe with an important message about climate change. The installation will be moved to All Saints Notting Hill, where it will be on display between 9 and 14 August.

St John the Baptist estimates over 25,000 visitors attended the week-long exhibition, which is accompanied by a score by BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones. As one of the Foundation’s dog-friendly churches, St John’s also opened the exhibition to the capital’s canine companions.

Created by artist Luke Jerram, the 3D globe, which uses 120 dpi (dots per inch) detailed NASA images of Earth’s surface, allows visitors to experience a unique perspective of the planet and reminds viewers that Earth is something to cared for and taken care of in the midst of the climate crisis.

Free tickets to visit the exhibition at All Saints can be booked online.

Assistant Pastor at John the Baptist, Reverend Peter Wolton, commented:

“It has been a real privilege to host Gaia and welcome so many visitors through St John’s doors, both human and canine! The installation has allowed us to feel a renewed sense of appreciation for God’s creation and has strengthened our resolve to protect it for generations to come. I hope people feel as awe inspired as we at St John’s have.”

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