Friday marked our ninth day in a row without 90 degrees


Early indications were that Friday would be Washington’s ninth straight day without a 90-degree temperature.

It seemed like a meteorological feat in a city where talk of long stretches of summer days usually involves the length of heat waves.

The mercury’s repeated failure to touch 90 may tempt us to conclude that our annual window for summer intolerability may be closing.

It can rush things. But Saturday has a title that recognizes its true place as a summer milestone. Saturday is our 60th day since the summer solstice. (So ​​Friday was the 59th.)

It might suggest that summer’s balmy grip on our imaginations and our propensity to sweat may be on the way.

Any hesitation to add Friday to our non-90 streak comes from how close we got to the mark that means swelter.

From Friday at As of 5 p.m., the National Weather Service reported Washington’s high for the day at 89 degrees. Only one under 90.

In a political city, a reading as close to 90 might prompt some serious efforts to find the errant degree in a thermal recount.

Whether or not our non-90 streak lives on, Friday seemed to uphold some of Washington’s reputation for summer travails.

The humidity worked up. Earlier days outside the 90s were dry. If we lacked traditional warmth, Friday at least seemed sticky enough to satisfy the nostalgia for humidity.

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