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Frank Miller himself published Ronin Book Two & Sin City 1858


Boris Kit went on to redefine the meaning of the word “Exclusive” on The Hollywood Reporter again with its exclusive story Frank Miller launches a new publisher, with Dan DiDio designated as the company’s new publisher. If you saw the exact same story on Bleeding Cool more than two weeks ago on April 12, then you must have imagined things.

Frank Miller himself published Ronin Book Two & Sin City 1858
Frank Miller himself published Ronin Book Two & Sin City 1858

The new company will be named Frank Miller Presents, or FMP, with Frank Miller as president and editor-in-chief working with other creators, old and new, with Silenn Thomas, current CEO of Frank Miller Ink, as COO of FMP, and Dan DiDio as publisher. It’s not DiDio’s first return to comics after leaving DC, as THR says he’s also worked at the Kubert School of Comics in the meantime, but it’s his first time in release. Bleeding Cool pointed out a few weeks ago that this was probably after two years of garden leave after his dismissal came to an end.

Frank Miller himself published Ronin Book Two & Sin City 1858

Borys Kit, of course, gets a few new gems in there, after being briefed by FMP’s PR that it will include a new Sin City cartoon previously put in, Sin City 1858, away from Dark Horse, and a new Ronin cartoon, Ronin’s second book, after the original published by DC Comics forty years ago. And two new titles, Pandora and Old enemies. It may be noteworthy that Dan DiDio introduced a character known as Pandora in his New 52 reboot of DC Comics, appearing in every re-launched title.

Frank Miller is a cartoonist, as well as a novelist, screenwriter, film director and producer. He is best known for comics such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One, Daredevil Born Again, Elektra, Give Me Liberty, Sin City, Holy Terror and 300the movies Robocop 2, 300, Sin City and The spiritand the TV series Cursed.

Dan DiDio worked on animations ReBoot and War Planets before moving to DC Comics as editorial Vice President in 2002, and was promoted to Publisher alongside Jim Lee in 2010. In addition to writing comics for DC, among others. Superboy, OMAC and Metal men he spearheaded the New 52 reboot and became the face of DC Comics externally, running Ask The Publishers’ panels at comic book congresses and participating only in retail forums that traveled the country. Dan DiDio was fired by DC Comics in 2020, just as his new reboot, 5G or Generation Five, was about to be adopted. It was abandoned even though aspects of his plans remain within the publisher’s current schedules. Since being fired, he has worked as a lecturer at Joe Kubert’s Academy, but no publishing work has been announced. It seems that DiDio may have been put on a two-year non-compete clause, known as garden leave, and that time has now passed.

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