Former ‘Making The Band’ Star Chopper arrested for sex trafficking

Chopper that many people may know from MTV’s “To make the bandwas arrested earlier this month in Maryland on charges of sex trafficking when law enforcement charges him with being a pimp.

Undercover cop posed as sex worker to bust Chopper

According to documents obtained by TMZ, an undercover cop in Nevada posed as a sex worker, claiming that Chopper sent them messages through social media with an opportunity to make money through prostitution. The undercover officer claims to have seen several posts on his account that allegedly relate to pimps and prostitution.

An official investigation was launched after seeing “evidence from social media of a potential sex trafficking operation.” The officer claimed Chopper called and talked about having different homes. including one in Las Vegas, and said Las Vegas was not a good place to do business because of the police presence.

The policeman went on to say, after passing a telephone interview with Chopper, they were told by him that he would make them part of his “team” and “stable”.

But things reportedly got horrible, and police say Chopper became aggressive while talking on the phone and demanding them in the same way a pimp would. He reportedly ordered the undercover officer to pack their things and meet him in Charlotte, NC, to join his “barn.” Police said they were scared and claimed he was verbally trying to force them to take the trip and demanded a $ 2,000 fine.

Following the alleged social media postings, social media interactions, phone calls and fee claims, Chopper was arrested and charged with aggravated sex trafficking.

Chopper is best known for appearing on MTV’s hit series “Making The Band 2”. He was part of the band Da Band, which dropped their only album “Too Hot For TV” back in 2003.

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