Forecast for the DC area: U-seasonal hot peaks today, decreasing tomorrow, Tuesday

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A slightly subjective assessment of today’s weather on a scale from 0 to 10.

7/10: Sunshine and the 80s! Not entirely unwelcome, but 15 degrees above average, with a touch of moisture… too summery for April. A probability of a storm can be a good cooling.

  • Today: Sunny. Storm at the end of the day? Windy. Highlights: 81-87.
  • Tonight: Possibility of light evening showers. Lower: 50s.
  • Tomorrow: Partly sunny. Highlights: Mid-70s to close to 80s.

With temperatures rising today towards 15 or more degrees above average (71 degrees), you will notice the summery feeling. We are at least well below our record high 94 degrees for the date. The temperatures will cool down a bit in the morning, although there is still a hint of humidity. Tuesday’s cold front may provide the greatest chances for showers and storms, though we can not rule out a few falls today and Monday.

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Today (Sunday): The sun dominates. As the afternoon dew points rise towards the 60 degree mark, we can begin to feel the slight humidity. This increased atmospheric moisture also helps bubble a few clouds up. High temperatures aim for the range of 81 to 87 degrees. Afternoon easterly winds are also starting to rise towards 15 mph. A shower or storm from mid to late afternoon is also possible, especially west of the city in higher-lying areas. Confidence: Medium-High.

Tonight: The sky is partly cloudy, with easterly and northeasterly winds decreasing slightly. Another rapid shower or storm is possible. Temperatures bottom in the 50s throughout the region for low temperatures. Confidence: Medium-High.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Partly sunny with a hint of humidity still possible. We may not get quite as hot, with high temperatures aiming for the mid-70s to close to 80 degrees. A light rain shower and additional cloud cover help to limit the temperature. Eastern breezes can again gain around 15 mph at times. Confidence: Medium.

Tomorrow night: Low temperatures can only dive into the mid-50s to around 60 degrees. The sky is partly to mostly cloudy, as it looks now, with almost no wind possible after midnight. A few raindrops are possible, especially the closer we get to dawn. Confidence: Medium.

A cold front is approaching Tuesday, which gives a significantly greater chance of showers and storms. We can also get gusts of wind and more clouds than blue skies. High temperatures aim for the 70s – perhaps only low 70s, if clouds and rain chances rise a bit more than is currently apparent, with the upper 70s possible if sunshine dominates unexpectedly with a little rain. As it looks now, showers are most likely at any time, with heavier showers and storms more likely in the afternoon at night. Confidence: Low-Medium.

Light chills are left Wednesday with windy west-northwest wind possible. High temperatures can only get into the mid-50s to around 60 degrees. We should at least see plenty of sunshine after any early clouds have cleared. Keep an eye out for small weather forecast adjustments as we approach. Confidence: Medium.

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