Flight Attendant: What does Megans Snapchat mean? Theory

Megan stewardess Snapchat

HBO Max’s acclaimed comic thriller “The Flight Attendant” is back with yet another version of hijinks. While the series’ titular character, Cassie (Kaley Cuoco), seems to have had her life together – she has been sober for a year, is in a healthy relationship and is moonlight as a civilian asset to the CIA – problems continue to follow her. wherever she goes. These issues include whatever Cassie’s former imperial Atlantic colleague Megan (Rosie Perez) has gotten herself into since she was on the run from the authorities to deal with sensitive information.

Megan still occasionally reaches out to Cassie, and her latest series of cryptic emojis on Snapchat has caused fans to wonder what exactly she’s trying to communicate. Now some ISPs may have cracked the code. Keep reading for their theories.

What is Megan sending to Cassie via Snapchat?

In episode two of the series’ second season, Cassie receives a call from Megan’s son, Eli (David Iacono), who says he has a message for Cassie from his mother. Eli sends Cassie a screenshot of a message Megan sent over Snapchat. The mysterious code starts with the word “bravo” followed by emoji of two women, a key, a penguin, two bigger-than-characters, cherries and a crown; the capital letters “LI”; an emoji with folded hands; and finally the number “7700.” While the message may at first glance make no sense, there is more to it than meets the eye.

What does Megan’s Snapchat mean?

Fans on Reddit went straight into trying to decipher Megan’s cryptic message, and their theories – especially when taken together – are compelling. As user @RadiationJunkie points out, the first segment of the message includes the familiar aviation code “bravo,” which basically means “alarm,” and the two women’s emoji are likely a nod to Cassie and Megan’s long-standing friendship.

From there, the symbols appear to become instructions to Cassie. Megan sends Cassie a key with a penguin keychain earlier in the episodes. Reddit user @Mscharlita believes Megan wants Cassie to take the key to Fruit Crown (hence the cherries and the crown), a product market on Long Island (LI), NY, not far from Megan’s hometown of Oyster Bay. Fans conclude that the prayer hands emoji and the number “7700” – an emergency code in aviation – can be interpreted as “Please, this is an emergency,” although @Mscharlita notes that the 7700 could also be a code for a safe at. that place.

While much of the story for season two remains hidden, the chances are that Cassie will crack the code at some point. Maybe it’s all part of a much bigger revelation – we’ll just have to wait and see when the season develops. New episodes of “The Flight Attendant” season two arrive on HBO Max every Thursday through May 26th.

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