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Five long-running ‘Destiny 2’ fixes are needed for season 17

We only have two more TWABs until Destiny 2 launches season 17, which still does not have a name, nor do we know the story, what 3.0 element is coming, and the nature of the magnificent Iron Banner rework. There is a lot to cover!

But I know some things will disappear in the cracks. Here are five ongoing issues with Destiny 2 that I hope will be resolved in season 17 in the midst of all the major stuff.

1. Still too many blues

What, as if I still would not be angry about the blues? Pretty much until we get an automatic disassembly button, this will be a problem. For the small fraction of the leveling benefit they bring, players have spent literal days of their lives dismantling these, and thousands of Ascendant Shards stacked in postmasters have been lost in the sands of time after the blues pushed them out. The latest change to not give blues after playlist activities is fine, but as you can see, we still have way too many blues that we are forced to collect in moment-to-moment play.

2. Permanent Crafting Perk is unlocked

It’s pretty simple, if you pay the currency to unlock a perk on a manufactured weapon, you should be able to unlock it permanently and switch back and forth whenever you want. Right now it costs 6,000 normal alloy / 3 Ascendant Alloy to get an improved fringe ego, to switch to a new one and then switch back if you do not like it. The new system would be 4,000 and 2, but with the ability to flip back and forth between the perks forward at will, at least through the craft station.

3. Engram Management

I’m not going to make a whole new rant about vaulting space after the one I did yesterday, but I would like to highlight something that could use an improvement in quality of life for a while now. It would be the engram system, which has only ten slots, but which houses Umbrals, Primes, Bright, Trials and probably Iron Banner engrams next season, and if it’s full, you can not even do things like pick up legendary from the ground up or even improvement cores. There should be a better system than five types of engrams that share ten slots, rather than getting players to constantly use Umbrals in particular to clear them out with few activities.

4. New light mods

Just look … give all the new lights all the old mods. This current system, which is supposed to have people checking Ada-1 every day for mods, is pointless and just feels like more arbitrary confusion for new players. If in a given season new mods are introduced, like the new Elemental Well mods we’ve got, then at least let’s unlock them through gameplay. But once that time has come and gone, it’s time to just give a lot of the essentials away and not make New Lights wait for core-built staples that are years old at this point and locked behind an RNG supplier system.

5. 1550 Matchmaking

This was run as an experiment during the Guardian Games, where the 1550 Training / Competitive strike has matchmaking, as opposed to the actual 1550 Nightfall. I also want this to apply to other activities like seasonal ones that refuse to let there be random matchmaking at a challenge with “moderate” difficulty. No, not all races have been perfect, but I think this test has proven that it’s better to have this available than not to have it. And of course, when I say “1550”, I mean whatever it is that will be next season when the power goes up again.

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