Fighting AMC threatens to crack down on theater sharing

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LEAWOOD, KS – Faced with a steep decline in growth over the past few years, the struggling cinema chain AMC Entertainment Holdings announced on Friday that it would crack down on the practice of sharing theater among its customers. “Due to the increasing economic pressures AMC is facing, we can no longer allow more people to use the same cinema space to watch a movie,” said CEO Adam Aron, who acknowledged that his company had once tolerated cinema sharing to win market shares in a competitive industry, but stressed that all such indulgence would now come to an end. “Although it’s rare, there have actually been extreme cases of 30, 40, sometimes even 50 people in a single cinema watching a movie. But from now on, you can not just come to an AMC place and take a “Fellow friends with you and believe that you will all see the same show. It just will not happen again.” At the time of the press, AMC employees across the country reportedly went through their facilities theater by theater, throwing all but one person out of each.

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