FBI agents attack Oak Grove’s doctor’s office

OAK GROVE, Mo. (KCTV) – A doctor in Oak Grove is under federal investigation. FBI agents raided Dr. David Clark’s offices.

Just after kl. 10 Sue Moon arrived at the scene of agents swarming in the area outside her bookstore.

“There was a black van and a black truck,” Moon said.

Moon owns Read It Again Books on Broadway in Oak Grove. She described the scene to KCTV5.

“People, lots of people standing in groups and talking,” Moon said. “There are lots of rumors, but I have not heard exactly what it is, just that it was the FBI.”

The FBI confirmed to KCTV5 “We had a legal presence in the area regarding an investigation. Oak Grove Police provided assistance.”

“I heard they were doing things from Dr. Clarks,” Moon said.

Dr. David Clark runs Health Plus. On the clinic’s website, he has been listed as a chiropractic internist and naturopath in private practice since 1975. Health Plus is described as a leading holistic alternative health and wellness center. Also on the website is the statement “The Doctor the Amish trust.”

On Wednesday, KCTV5 cameras saw several Amish people visiting Clark’s clinic.

“They come by train, they have drivers,” Moon said.

Sue said it is a well known fact that Clark is very popular among the Amish.

“They come here from all over the country,” Moon said. “They often stay a few days. The whole family comes then – we have seen all ages.”

She said the doctor mostly keeps a low profile.

“He’s been here a long time, he does not have a sign or anything that many people do not know is a doctor’s office,” Moon said.

A doctor’s office is now being investigated by the FBI, but it is unclear for what. Sue said what’s clear is this kind of thing does not happen in Oak Grove.

“I don’t think this was on anyone’s bingo card for sure,” Sue said.

KCTV5 made several attempts to contact Clark, but we did not respond.

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