Fantasy Football Week 5 matchup rankings by position based on strength of schedule

Welcome to the weekly fantasy football strength of schedule, or fantasy football matchup rankings, column. Today’s word is “APA,” which might make you say, “DAMN!” but it is really for adjusted points allowed. In essence, it is the “true” measure of strength of schedule because it breaks down matchups by the strength of the opponent (positionally) faced each week.

The difference in a defense against an elite player versus a basement talent will skew the fantasy points allowed for a team. The APA adjusts for the previous opponents and gives us an “expected fantasy points allowed” to find the best and worst matchups. This is a truer and more accurate “strength of schedule.”

Quick bullet points for those new or general summary:

APA is my calculation that involves stats, metrics and matchup situations to adjust for the opponent.

These will become stronger and more predictable as the season progresses.

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