Fans are demanding that Oscar Isaac get an Emmy for ‘Moon Knight’ performance

Oscar Isaac has knocked it out of the park every week Moon Knights, but this week was something special. The episode took place on the border between life and death, where the hearts of Marc Spector and Steven Grant were weighed to see if they were worthy to enter the Field of Reeds.

This saw both personalities interact as they explored his past, which proved to be extremely depressing. When we discovered Marc’s story of abuse and remorse, Isaac delivered an incredible performance, the highlight of which was his breakup outside of his mother’s funeral.

The Internet is buzzing with talk of an Emmy nomination for this, and we can not help but agree. Here’s how it works:

Right to the point.

Episode five is a cut above the rest according to many early viewers.

The best play seen in a Disney Plus show to date?

Praise for his portrayal of DID.

There will be riots in the streets if Isaac’s talents are apparently not recognized.

Just give the man a price; is no matter which.

No additional context needed.

Isaac’s ability to portray two very different personalities side by side has received particular praise.

Seeing Isaac switch between personalities is absolutely fascinating, especially when he goes from the depths of grief like Marc Spector to cheerful confusion like Steven Grant.

It’s also worth remembering how all of this worked on the set. Isaac appeared to his brother, who was chosen as the closest to another Oscar Isaac they could get. Each scene was filmed twice, with Isaac switching between the characters, and the digital composition of the final product is flawless.

Marvel Studios properties tend to be rejected after the awards season, but we have to agree with fans that if Isaac does not see some times in his future for this, there will be problems.

Moon Knights‘s finale airs on Disney Plus on May 4th.

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