F1 Miami Grand Prix LIVE RESULTS: Verstappen leads race with Hamilton in SIXTH, Leclerc second

F1 is back this weekend, where racing fans around the world can enjoy with the best racing drivers on earth to adorn Miami for the very first time.

This weekend’s Grand Prix has been a long time coming and comes at a crucial time in the season with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc on par with two victories each so far.

And Lewis Hamilton will hope he can finish in a better position than he did at Emilia Romagna’s Grand Prix two weeks ago.

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Follow ALL the action with our liveblog below …

  • Russel is faster than Hamilton

    Russell’s choice to drive on hard tires may prove worthwhile.

    He is up in 8th place now and driving faster than his teammate in front of him at the moment.

  • A long break at the pit of Alpine

    Alonso stands waiting in the pit after the alpine engineers struggle with his left rear wheel. The Spaniard is back now, but it will hurt him.

  • Go for a walk up to 14

    Lance Stroll gets his elbows out and overtakes Latifi smartly on the inside.

  • Verstappen sets the fastest lap

    Max Verstappen has won at Leclerc since overtaking the Ferrari man in the 9th lap. There are three and a half seconds between them.

  • Russel bites back on Ricciardo

    The Mercedes driver waits for his opportunity before overtaking the Australian on the outside.

  • Verstappen recedes

    Leclerc registers a lap over a second slower than Verstappen in front of him. A brief lock-up did not help the Monaco man.

  • Tsunoda-gruber

    The Japanese rider is the first to box in this race.

    Elsewhere, Ricciardo has made his way past Russell up to 12th place.

  • Zhou out of the race

    It is a premature end to Ghanyu Zhou’s race, which is forced to exit the car after just seven laps.

    It is all the way down to Bottas for Alpha Romeo, who has had track placement in 5th place.

  • Verstappen up in first!

    Just too fast!

    On the last corner of the lap, Verstappen hovers past Leclerc to become the race leader.

    Leclerc, however, agrees with him. What a struggle this turns out to be.

    .Credit: Reuters
  • Verstappen wins at Leclerc

    Max Verstappen is faster than Leclerc at the moment. There is less than half a second between them.

  • Hamilton gets revenge

    Lewis Hamilton uses DRS to sweep past Alonso and then Gasly.

    Back to where he started.

  • Schumaker passes Tsunoda

    The German goes wheel in wheel with Alpha Tauri in a proper racing scrap.

    He walks around him on the outside after the two cars touch each other.

  • Alonso against Hamilton

    On the repetitions, Hamilton locks in before Alonso seems to give him a push.

    Bono is on the radio saying there is no harm, but Lewis is not so sure.

  • Hamilton loses places

    Lewis Hamilton has been on the radio complaining that Alonso got in touch with his car.

    He has lost two places and is down in 8th place, after the alpine skier.

  • It’s off!

    Leclerc releases well and holds on first. But Verstappen is aggressive and overtakes Sainz on the outside. The Red Bull driver is up on P2.

    .Credit: Reuters
  • Formation Lap

    The drivers test their tires on the formation lap.

    Here is the grid (Vettel and Stroll start from pitlane)

    1. Leclerc
    2. Sainz
    3. Skip
    4. Perez
    5. Boots
    6. Hamilton
    7. gaseous
    8. Norris
    9. Tsunoda
    10. Alonso
    11. Russel
    12. Ricciardo
    13. Schumaker
    14. Magnussen
    15. Guanyu
    16. Albon
    17. Latifi
    18. Ocon
    19. Walk
    20. Vettel
  • Aston Martin to start from the pit

  • Rain control

    a few drops of rain have been reported on the pitch. Nothing too serious, though.

    .Credit: EPA
  • Final preparations

    The drivers take their seats.

    .Credit: Getty
  • It’s hymn time

    Luis Fonsi exclaims the American national anthem to a warm applause.

  • The sun is on

    It’s a hot day in Miami, made even hotter by the crowds hoarding the net at the moment. It’s packed!

    Martin Brundle tries to have a polite conversation with some celebrities he has never heard of. He is mostly ignored in some pretty awkward minutes.

    .Credit: AFP
    .Credit: Reuters
  • Bottas proves that critics are wrong

    Valtteri Bottas qualifies both Mercedes cars for the second race. He starts as number five today.

    However, we are not sure that he worries too much about it …

  • One last sip

    The cars are out now.

    .Credit: Splash
  • The DJ has the floor

    Another one!

    DJ Khaled hangs out in the McLaren garage.

  • Do you recognize anyone?

    Just a few famous faces in Miami today.

    One picture, four sports.

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