EXO’s DO confirmed with COVID-19

Now is the time to deliver your congratulations to one of your favorite idols, EXO-Ls. The DO member has recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is now in self-isolation.

SM Entertainment has recently given an important announcement about the current health status of one of its talented and well-rounded artists, EXO’s DO

On the evening of April 25, the agency issued an official statement saying that the charming idol has contracted the COVID-19 virus. He is the second member of the EXO to test positive after Kai, who was diagnosed back in March and has already completed his recovery.

SM Entertainment did not provide specific details on how the DO got the virus, but they did provide an update on what precautions they are currently taking.

The agency revealed that the DO has completed the second dose of her COVID-19 vaccine and that he is currently not showing any particular symptoms. For the sake of the people he came in close contact with, the idol has also immediately stopped his planned activities.

He is also in self-isolation and is receiving proper treatment at home in accordance with the guidelines set by the South Korean disease control authorities.

“We strictly follow the quarantine guidelines and we will do our best to focus on improvement while considering the health and safety of our artists as our top priority,” the agency concluded.


Shortly after the news came out, EXO-Ls from around the world immediately sent their comforting words to their beloved idol. DO took over Twitter’s trend list along with the hashtag “GetWellSoonKyungsoo.”

Meanwhile, the DO recently finished filming his two upcoming films with the title The moon and The Secret The Unspeakable. He will also play the main character in the upcoming KBS drama Accuses Jin of victorywhich will be sent very soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, DO!

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