EXO’s Chen completes his military service

Article: EXO’s Chen is printed today

Source: Idol Edition via Instagram

1. [+106] Give us Byun Baekhyun instead

2. [+85] And who are you?

3. [+36] You can go back and give us Byun Baekyhun instead

4. [+30] So what

5. [+28] Oh, is he EXO?

6. [+21] Dare not call him EXO

7. [+13] Looking forward to seeing him the moment I open Instagram 😠🔥 I really do not care about his news

8. [+16] Sign up and get Baekhyun printing instead

9. [+5] Can you go back and replace your discharge with Baekhyun? This is not a request, it is a requirement

10. [+2] He has two children now, why not stay home and raise his babies. Why keep crawling back to EXO?

11. [+7] Your baby must have missed you ^^ f * ck

12. [+3] Please go back. I liked you before, but you have disappointed me too much. I hope you feel sorry for your fans for the rest of your life, for how much disappointment you have given them.

13. [+19] Nobody cares, give us back Byun Baekhyun

14. [+80] I hope you continue to be beautiful and healthy – psych! Are you a joke for us, Jongdae?

15. [+6] Oh, go back

16. [+3] Oh my blood pressure … who are you

17. [+29] EXO my ass. Do not leave your wife alone at home and go up and change your baby’s diaper.

18. [+12] My # 1 will always be EXO, so if members choose to keep you, I’ll have to too.

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