EV mechanic Carl Medlock found a niche that fixed Teslas

There is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the electric car market. Electric vehicles are sweeping the automotive industry, and while all attention is focused on flashy car revelations and car manufacturers’ strategic plans to compete in an electric future, a crucial piece has largely been left out of the limelight – service. Tesla, the largest electric car manufacturer, has famously struggled to service its growing fleet. And with the demand for battery-powered electric cars in the air, it may not be alone.

An entrepreneur recognized the opportunity and moved to take advantage of the demand. Meet Carl Medlock from Medlock & Sons in Seattle. Former Tesla Area Manager, from 2009 to 2013, he helped the then start-up company deliver and service its low-volume Roadster. After leaving Tesla, he took his knowledge of electric cars and opened a workshop that quickly became the key location in the Pacific Northwest for owners who had trouble ordering service for their electric cars.

“We’re one of the only places anyone can go for electric cars, electric cars,” Medlock said.

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But running an EV-focused store is a whole lot different than previous car repairs.

“There are tools worth hundreds of thousands of dollars you will need for an ICE [internal combustion engine] workshop you do not need here, “Medlock said.” You need an electrotechnical background or an understanding of diagnostics. “

Getting parts for the Roadster is one of the biggest challenges he faces. “I contact people all over the world, I find out where the devastated are,” he said. “I buy things every day from people who have bought these cars and have suffered on their shelf, and I buy those parts.”

When he can not find a part, he makes it himself.

Since opening his store, Medlock says the business has boomed and that it has already grown out of the new space it moved into last year.

His advice to the industry? “Embrace these electric cars and start preparing for it,” he said. “If you do not, you will be left behind.”

Watch the video to learn more about how consumer demand fueled this entrepreneur’s business.

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