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Erika Jayne mean it Lisa Vanderpumps breath smells pretty awful. The 50-year-old Real housewives from Beverly Hills star commented on a post from @BravoHousewive’s Instagram account on Saturday, April 23, in response to a claim that Lisa, 61, overshadowed her intelligence. Erika accused her co-star of having halitosis or chronic bad breath.

Erika’s comment on the Instagram post. (Erika Jayne / Instagram)

The post that Erika commented on highlighted a comment that Lisa had made after having a bite with it Garcelle Beauvais. The post had a headline that read: “Lisa Vanderpump insults Erika Jayne’s intelligence and says Garcelle should have given her a ‘scratch and snuff’ book instead of her memories.” It all came after Erika had thrown Garcellle’s memories Love me for who I am in the trash.

After reading the headline, Erika clearly had some strong feelings about Lisa’s remark, especially about a “scratch and snuff” book given her opinions on Water pump rules stellar respiration. “It’s rich coming from someone whose breath smells of garlic, cigarettes and chardonnay,” she wrote.

While Erika shot back at Lisa over the comments to the new memoir, Garcelle has also reacted to Lisa throwing her book in the trash. She recreated playfully when she found that the book was thrown in the trash with her friend Ross Matthews. In the comic clip, she stated that it was “rude” to throw the book in the trash.

Aside from the book drama, Garcelle and Erika have had quite a few issues along the way between them since back in January. After it was revealed that Garcelle had stopped following her co-star, Erika wrote an Instagram comment saying she would do the same. “Well [let] I will stop following her back, ”she wrote.

Lisa had joked that Erika should have received a ‘scrape and sniff’ book instead of a memoir. (Jim Ruymen / UPI / Mimmo Carriero / IPA / Shutterstock)

However, the social media drama was not the only problem that stirred them up! Garcelle also commented on Erica’s legal issues stemming from a pair of diamond earrings, as one of Erica’s husband Tom Girardi former client had urged her to hand over. “I would give up the diamonds quickly. I think she will give them to a third party until it is decided whether she should give them back. But I agree with you, there is so much more she could do,” he said. Garcelle in an episode in January of The Right. “Although she’s not guilty of knowing everything Tom did, but this is a way of saying, ‘I have compassion on you, and therefore take the jewelry, take the necklace.'”

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