Enjoy 100 more magical items for your 5E game with THE BOOK OF WONDROUS MAGIC VOLUME 2 – GeekTyrant

Last year, MT sort released The book about wonderful magic. So, earlier this year, he released The Book of Wonderful Magic, Volume 2. Now 5E players have 100 more magic items to use in their game. One item that I think is really cool is the Cap of Answers, which lets you ask a question about anything that will happen within seven days, and receive a truthful, but sometimes cryptic, answer. Black always publishes quality content, so if you are a DM, you will want to grab this supplement.

The Book of Wonderful Magic contains hundreds more of the most imaginative and useful magic items ever conceived! Each of them is carefully balanced so you can use it in your game right away. The perfect way to bring any treasure trove to life and an important resource for every Fifth Edition game.

You can buy The Book of Wonderful Magic, Volume 2 from DriveThru RPG (affiliate link) for $ 3.95.

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