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«Emirati Journalists»: new changes to membership

Dubai (Etihad)

The Extraordinary General Meeting of the Emirates Journalists Association approved a number of articles of association for membership during a meeting virtually the day before yesterday in the presence of a quorum and under the supervision of the Ministry of Community Development and Community Development Authority in Dubai.
The meeting was attended by more than 60 working members out of a total of 94 members, and 65% of those entitled to attend.
The Extraordinary General Meeting approved amendments to the Articles of Association regarding the active membership clause in § 7, “so that the membership of a journalist who has mainly practiced the journalistic profession, or worked in the journalistic profession, news and digital news media for a period of at least one year is accepted.”
Under the amendments, a practicing journalist is basically defined as any journalist who undertakes a professional and organized journalistic job in a newspaper, a news website, a news center on television or radio or in a magazine published in the country by one of the licensed press institutions, Emirates News Agency or anyone who works as a reporter for one of the Arab and foreign news agencies or newspapers, as well as bodies that comply with the provisions of the law on state press and publications.
Under the amendments, anyone in the following professions must be granted the status of professional journalist and exclusively to (editors-in-chief and their deputies, editors-in-chief and their deputies, press editors, translators, illustrators, photographers, press office workers, directors and editorial secretaries, and delegates and correspondents, news editors and editors in TV and radio news centers, correspondents, TV stations and TV photographers in news centers, as well as journalists, online editors, correspondents and photographers working for news websites and news organizations licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Youth).
The amendments also included the clause on associate membership granted to a journalist who is not a national of the State, provided that the period of their exercise of the profession is not less than 5 consecutive years if they are not members of the syndicate of their country of origin. in the country.
In the case of the non-national journalist born in the country, who is a graduate of the journalism departments of local media colleges, they are admitted as affiliated members of the Emirates Journalists Association after 3 years of practicing journalism, provided they lead their work in an authorized press institution or media device.
The members of the extraordinary general meeting of the Emirates Journalists Association approved the addition of two new categories in the first membership, which is “discretionary membership”, which is given to affiliated journalists who have left the journalism profession after spending more than 15 years in it or has retired from work and the other is “encouraging membership” given to students who are studying.In journalism departments at local media colleges.
Commenting on the membership changes, Mohammed Al Hammadi, president of the Emirates Journalists Association, said they were in line with the media changes the world is witnessing today, to strengthen journalistic professionalism and to meet the demands of a segment of media workers, in particular those who work with modern digital journalism.

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