Emirates News Agency – UAE joins world to celebrate World Tourism Day with track record of achievements

100 million tourists have visited the UAE over the past 5 years.

ABU DHABI, September 27 / WAM / The United Arab Emirates joins the world’s countries in the celebration of World Tourism Day, which falls on September 27 every year, with a track record of achievements and innovative initiatives that have strengthened its position on the regional and global tourism map, establishing its position as one of the leading destinations that attract tourists from all over the world, due to its diverse attractions, foremost of which are cutting-edge infrastructure, distinguished services and facilities, advanced hotel and tourism facilities, diverse tourist destinations and destinations, a rich and unique heritage, a safe and stable climate and an open, tolerant and incubating society that uniquely embraces different cultures.

The UAE experience in the tourism sector was able to become an example of flexibility, diversity and continuous development within a short period, thanks to the support and directives of the wise leadership and its forward-looking vision for the future, which culminated in the country attracting more than 100 million visitors over the past five years and has promoted sustainable growth in this vital sector. Which is one of the main contributions to the state’s new economic model, especially since it managed to achieve growth rates that exceeded what had been achieved in the period before the Covid-19 pandemic, achieving a turnover of 19 billion dirhams in the first half of 2022 , and the number of hotel guests increased in the country by 42% compared to 2021 with a total of 12 million guests, which reflects the strength and efficiency of the tourism product in the country.

Activities related to the tourism and retail sectors, including accommodation services, hotels and restaurants, achieved another jump to record the biggest increase among other sectors that help support the country’s GDP, with a 35.3% increase in constant prices and 128 .8% at current prices in the first quarter of 2022 According to the report of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center, which confirms the UAE’s leading position as a sustainable destination for travel and hospitality.

The celebration of World Tourism Day for this year comes under the slogan “Rethinking Tourism”, which is the approach that the country adopted early in formulating its innovative strategies that promoted the growing prosperity of the tourism sector and made it one of the ​​the main pillars that support the growth of the country’s GDP in line with its ambitious development goals for 50. This was reflected in a number of ground-breaking initiatives that achieved a qualitative leap in the tourism sector.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries in the region to take the initiative to develop the tourism sector and place great emphasis on it. Dubai Shopping Festival was launched in 1996 and it is one of the oldest specialized tourism festivals in the region. Premium tourist destinations in the country have also been continuously developed and promoted in international forums and exhibitions, leading to an increase in the number of international visitors to the UAE and its position on the map of the most premium tourist destinations.

The country’s prime geographical location and the development of its infrastructure have contributed to the tourism sector.

The State continued its efforts to support the tourism sector in accordance with a clear strategy and innovative forward-looking plans that ensure the sustainability of the tourism sector and provide an attractive and supportive environment for innovative tourism projects In extension of the State’s visual media identity, to consolidate the UAE’s image as a regional and international tourist attraction.

In parallel with these efforts, the state has placed great emphasis on the internal tourism file, believing in its crucial role in supporting the growth of the UAE’s tourism sector Domestic tourism in the UAE, which aims to create an integrated tourism system at state level to organize local Emirati tourism, in coordination with various local and federal bodies and institutions concerned with tourism, cultural heritage, culture and community entertainment sector, to double the amount of domestic tourism expenditure and create opportunities for business in regions All states.

The “The Most Beautiful Winter in the World” campaign, launched by the UAE Government Media Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, and which falls under the umbrella of the Internal Tourism Strategy, had a significant impact in promoting tourism development forward, as the first overall internal tourism campaign on level with the country’s emirates in its first session achieved success. Unmatched in encouraging domestic tourism in the country and contributed to a 17% increase in the number of hotel guests compared to the same period in 2019, with a total of 950,000 hotel guests, in addition to generating revenue for hotel establishments in the country totaling one billion dirhams, while the second round of the campaign contributed to the hotel companies’ turnover increasing to reach DKK 1.5 billion. dirhams, a growth rate of 50% compared to the first edition, while the number of local tourists reached 1.3 million, an increase of 36% compared to the first edition of the campaign.

The supportive and attractive tourism environment provided by the UAE reinforced the upward trend in the growth of the tourism sector, which succeeded in attracting 19 million hotel guests during 2021, with a growth of more than 29% compared to the number of guests in 2020, while hotel companies achieved a revenue of 28 billion dirhams in 2021. Emirati achieved growth of up to 70% compared to 2020 and more than 75 million hotel nights were booked during 2021, an increase of 42% compared to 2020, while the hotel occupancy rate reached 67%, knowing that this percentage represents one of the highest rates achieved in the world’s leading tourist destinations.

Expo 2020 Dubai, which is one of the largest international events organized in the Middle East and Africa region, has contributed to increasing global confidence in the tourism sector of the UAE, following its success in attracting more than 24 million visitors over a period of six months, at a time when it will represent the “city of Expo Dubai”, scheduled to open in early October, is a global home for innovation, business and education and a major contributor to maintaining the historical success of the exhibition .

In terms of attracting foreign investment in the tourism sector, the UAE ranked first regionally and seventh globally over the past five years, as it was able to attract about 87 new tourism projects, accounting for about 4% of the total announced projects during that period. according to international reports.

The number of hotel establishments in the country increased during 2021 by 5% compared to its counterpart in 2020 to 1144. In the same comparative period, an increase in the number of hotel rooms was achieved by 8% to 194,000 rooms in all the country’s emirates.

Over the past five years, the UAE has accounted for 31% of total foreign direct investment in tourism in the Middle East and North Africa, attracting around 25 billion dirhams through a group of tourism projects that helped create more than 12,900 , which represented 29% of the market share in the region according to a report issued by FDI.

It is expected that the recovery in the tourism sector in the UAE will continue in the coming period, especially as the country has extensive and diversified investment plans to develop the sector to increase its contribution to supporting the gross domestic product, and to attract more than 40 million visitors to hotel businesses.

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