Emirates News Agency – The weather tomorrow is generally clear

ABU DHABI, 02 October / WAM / The National Center of Meteorology expected the weather tomorrow to be clear in general and partly cloudy at times, accompanied by a slight rise in temperatures, with the possibility of some convective clouds to the east in the afternoon that may extend over some inland areas and humid overnight and Tuesday morning with a chance of fog or light mist over some coastal and inland western areas and light to moderate winds.

Wind: Southeast – Northeast / 10 to 20, reaching 35 km/h.

Arabian Gulf: light waves, while the first tide will occur at 17:09. The first islands at 1:48.

Sea of ​​Oman: light waves, while the first tide will occur at 13:53, the second tide at 04:52, the first tide at 09:12, the second tide at 21:33.

The following is a summary of the expected temperatures and humidity, maximum and minimum, for tomorrow

CityMaximum TemperatureMinimum TemperatureMinimum HumidityMinimum HumidityAbu Dhabi 40269030Dubai 38269035Sharjah 38238530Ajman37238540Umm Al Quwain 38278545Ras Al Khaimah36257535Fujairah32288555Al Ain41257025Liwa42289520Ruwais39289535AlSilaa 36279560Dalma3829905060Tanb Al-Kubra331

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