Emirates News Agency – “Sharjah Reading for Children” opens the door for young people to discover their talents

  • "Sharjah reading for a child" It opens the door for children to discover their talents
  • "Sharjah reading for a child" It opens the door for children to discover their talents

Sharjah, April 29 / WAM / The 13th edition of the “Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival”, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority this year under the slogan “Be Your Being”, will host 72 scientific, artistic and creative workshops for children and young people . presented by a group of experts and specialists with the aim of creating a creative space that lifts with children’s skills and strengthens the pillars of knowledge based on innovation in them throughout the days of the exhibition, which runs from 11 to 22 May. at the Sharjah Expo.

The workshops, which include more than 750 creative and interactive activities during the festival days, are divided into activities based on skills and crafts, and others that aim to develop the child’s personality from a psychological point of view, in addition to sports activities, information sessions and workshops for to teach modern technologies appropriate to children’s ages, in addition to children’s development sessions. The personality of the young media person who is qualified to use modern media in safe and useful ways.

This bright space for children 3-5 years offers 264 creative activities that help stimulate thinking in young people through interactive activities that rely on addressing the five senses, and it combines fun, fun and stimulating mental activity for helping children in the early stages of their lives discover many interactive games that give them joy and surprise, helping to enrich their imagination and enhance their creativity.

The technology workshop corner gives children a space to develop their creative skills in the use of modern technology through practical and interactive activities and games that stimulate their creativity and introduce them to ways to transform their toys into useful objects and the basics of programming robots. It qualifies the child to handle modern computer technologies in an easy and attractive way.

Through the sports activities held in a special corner, the children will perform a set of special exercises that strengthen their bodies and practice sports that appeal to them and learn its basic rules such as boxing, in addition to participating in a comprehensive fitness challenge that includes amazing activities that highlight the strongest child to be the champion of the challenge, while children learn the art of avoiding dangers safely through an amazing interactive activity.

The handmade activity corner presents tools that develop children’s skills in making things and turn discarded tools into dazzling creations that can be used. In this creative space, children will interactively learn how to make perfume, their history, tools and objects used in them. workshops also allow them to learn the art of designing and making puppets that fly in their worlds, in addition to teaching them how to make a film machine at home in simple ways, through which they become acquainted with the complex processes of film production.

Self-development is an important element in building a child’s personality to achieve success in the future. From this point of view, Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival is focused on self-development workshops that meet the requirements for success and promote self-help and independence in young people. Participants in these workshops learn concepts, methods and methods. which lays the foundation for building the child’s leadership personality and encouraging it to develop at the same time. to provide magic remedies that help deal with pressure while performing various tasks.

With the era of modern digital media, the festival was interested in creating a fantastic interactive space for media workshops that introduce young people to the news industry and enable them to write scripts and photographic skills, while providing them with interesting information that introduces them to the secrets behind. media success.

The media workshops also aim to educate the child about the tools through which it can be influential among its peers on social media, while motivating children to practice the profession of journalistic reporter and teach them radio and television presentation skills, which will provide them the opportunity to do so. a successful audio broadcast on audio and video media and achieve the desired success.Thus, in addition to illuminating the basis for creating meaningful and influential content at the same time.

Wam / Batoul Kashwani / Reda Abdel Nour

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