Emirates News Agency – Shamma Al Mazrouei: The UAE is consolidating its position as a first destination for young people to live and work

ABU DHABI, 12th August, WAM/Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Youth Affairs and Vice President of the Arab Youth Center, affirmed that the UAE believes in youth and is establishing its position as a first destination for young people. live, work and achieve dreams and aspirations.

Her Excellency said in a statement on the occasion of the International Youth Day: In the UAE, every day is a youth day and the International Youth Day is an occasion for us to recall the gains and achievements of the UAE in the development of the youth sector and strengthen them. Today, young people in the UAE are in various leadership positions in boards and major institutions.

She added that the principle of listening to young people, listening to their aspirations and taking care of their ambitions is a well-established daily practice in the UAE, rooted in a sustainable approach by our wise leadership, based on the culture of rapprochement, the culture of cohesion and continuous communication in the Emirati community. Based on this principle, we have always been keen to transform young people’s visions into innovative ideas and qualitative projects that contribute to development paths locally and globally. The UAE has not only invested in empowering its youth, but has turned to empowering youth everywhere, becoming the destination of choice year after year for ambitious, creative, talented youth eager for achievement and excellence from across the region and the world.

Her Excellency said: We will continue this approach to attract ambitious young talent to the UAE; A country of opportunities that believes in youth and consolidates its position as a first destination for young people to live, work, achieve dreams and aspirations and transform ideas into successful tangible projects on the ground. The Government of the United Arab Emirates utilizes all its efforts and resources to achieve this trend, either through the Federal Youth Foundation or the Arab Youth Center, which shares this successful model in fruitful youth work with brothers and friends in the region and the world. Arab youth are part of our larger social fabric and our programs are in technology and diplomatic skills. The media, experiences in confronting climate change, achieving sustainable development, consolidating an entrepreneurial culture and transforming challenges into opportunities available to young people to serve their ambitions, following our model that we work on and based on connecting the dots for to achieve integration between skills and connect talented young people to the opportunities they deserve and enable them to communicate with decision makers.


Wam/Emad Al Ali

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