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ABU DHABI, April 27 / WAM / In their leaders, local newspapers shed light on the country’s efforts to combat infectious diseases locally and internationally and its pioneering role in providing prevention tools in collaboration with countries, governments, health and charities worldwide. context, Helmsley Foundation’s presentation The Charity “$ 22.5 million in financial support to eradicate neglected tropical diseases in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan in partnership with Reaching the Last Mile and Ending Neglected Diseases Funds. In addition to the UAE’s commitment to promoting a culture for dialogue, moderation and coexistence among the peoples of the world and for spreading the values ​​peace, tolerance, brotherhood and human solidarity between people are built for the benefit of humanity and for the service of world peace.

Under the headline “Health for All”, the newspaper “Al-Ittihad” said that the United Arab Emirates did not hesitate to lend a helping hand to various countries in the fight against infectious diseases locally and internationally, and contributed with great financial support over the years to to control. programs, to accelerate the pace of confronting them, and provide investment To develop new tools to eliminate them.

She added, based on the claim of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, that diseases and epidemics are the most serious challenge facing society, the UAE continues its pioneering role in providing prevention tools in collaboration with countries, governments, health and charities worldwide.

The United Arab Emirates has always been proud that its efforts to defeat diseases did not stop at the local level, but rather moved to the global level, as it was the pioneer in the establishment of the “Reaching the Last Mile Fund”, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the End Neglected Diseases Fund, to improve the ability to confront diseases and improve people’s health services so that they can live a better life.

At the end of her speech, she stated that the $ 22.5 million financial support from the Helmsley Foundation to eliminate overlooked tropical diseases in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan in cooperation with the two funds strengthens the international cooperation that the UAE is seeking. this context and represents a major step towards supporting and accelerating treatment efforts in the countries.

On the same subject and under the title “Mohammed bin Zayed, the leader of global partnerships of the good,” wrote the newspaper Al-Watan, “Hope is strengthened around the world by overcoming the challenges of disease through targeted teamwork and thanks to the results and blessed efforts of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander. ” The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, at the humanitarian level, and His Highness’ vision aimed to achieve a world free from suffering caused by epidemics and diseases by providing all possible support to the needy, and through extraordinary initiatives successes have been achieved, and many diseases that threatened several countries have come from the past, when humanity has come a long way to full recovery, most of them, and what the state has achieved in the field of humanitarian service, inspires all believers in the importance and glory of common work to respond to the UAE’s national initiatives at the global level.

She added: “The Reaching the Last Mile” initiative provided a platform for goodness, bringing together the honorable people of the world to help and support communities in need. Great results and successes were achieved, and many regions regained confidence after epidemics that posed a serious threat to life or development efforts in them, and constitute the supportive contribution of the Helmsley Charity Foundation. Efforts to eradicate overlooked tropical diseases in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan , reaffirms the value of goodness and strengthens the response to epidemics, as confirmed by His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chief of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Helmsley Charitable Foundation, indicating that it represents one step Great support and acceleration of our march towards the elimination of neglected tropical diseases.

She continued for the good her men, symbols and leaders, and thanks to their actions, those who strive for the benefit of mankind and who believe in the inevitability of working together for the good that it brings to the most needy and suffering communities , especially those suffering from disease and the spread of epidemics, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a leader who gives the whole world confidence and faith in the ability to overcome and overcome challenges of which His Highness is the Knight Donors who lead charitable efforts globally and are committed to their sustainability and durability for the benefit of people and communities in need of support and those who take their hand. The goodness that the United Arab Emirates was at the center of, and its spring that does not dry up and increase in the flow of giving, supporting and responding whenever humanity needs its protectors and those entrusted with its message .

Its editorial staff concluded by saying: “For goodness, initiative and work are men who are hopeful, who bring the best to the goals and are able to create positive change, and the initiatives, visions and determination of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will remain a beacon that illuminates the path of all who work for the best and meaningful solidarity of mankind, who carry the greatest and most meanings of brotherhood and most.It is important to replace the suffering of millions with the smiles of life and dispel their fears, affected by peace and stability.

On the other hand, under the title “Constantials and a Civilized Journey”, the newspaper “Al Bayan” confirmed that the United Arab Emirates, as it rises quickly and achieves distinction in various fields, can not return to itself and be satisfied with the results it has achieved. has achieved on its soil, but insists on having a positive, active, diplomatic, humanitarian and interactive role with the international community.

She stated that this trend is not born today, but was born with the birth of the Union in the hands of the founding leaders. In its commitment to this policy, which has become Emirati constants, the State supports global efforts aimed at promoting the values ​​of human brotherhood and global solidarity and the dissemination of the principles of peace and brotherhood worldwide, as UAE It was founded on firm values ​​and principles , which takes tolerance, dialogue, coexistence and acceptance of the other as an approach and a means of communication and international cooperation to achieve global stability and peace.

She added that the UAE community, which includes more than 200 nationalities, lives in harmony and harmony and enjoys a decent life and respect under the umbrella of human brotherhood, is internationally referred to as a country of peace, tolerance and coexistence. The values ​​of love, synergy and solidarity are authentic traits that characterize this authentic community, which succeeded and excelled by consolidating the importance of diversity and inclusiveness and a culture of openness and diversity, in parallel with the success of building a culture based on pluralism and a deep understanding of the common destiny of humanity, given that global development is achieved through human communication and constructive participation.

She stressed that the spread of the values ​​of peace, tolerance, brotherhood and human solidarity among people for the benefit of humanity and the service of world peace form the basis of the state and society of the UAE.

In conclusion, the statement said, it is certain that the United Arab Emirates will maintain global leadership in fostering a culture of dialogue, moderation and coexistence among the peoples of the world, as a groundbreaking and well-known model in devoting all that serves humanity.

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