Emirates News Agency – Dubai shines in a wonderful Ramadan atmosphere in its famous streets and destinations

DUBAI, April 25 / WAM / The city of Dubai shines during the holy month of Ramadan with bright and dazzling Ramadan decorations in the most prominent areas, main streets and famous destinations such as “Burj Khalifa”, “Dubai Frame” and “Ain Dubai” “and many different destinations and malls.

As part of the “Ramadan in Dubai” campaign, the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment provided wonderful experiences with many recreational and cultural activities, in addition to special campaigns for Iftar, Suhoor and other meals in a great Ramadan atmosphere that all members of the community can enjoy .

And “Dubai” welcomed the month of Ramadan in the best way, through models and lighting designs, which were distributed to many places in the city to celebrate this special time of year.

The shopping malls and favorite destinations for Dubai residents and visitors were decorated with huge attractive Ramadan decorations and wonderful lighting, which included “La Mer”, “City Walk”, “The Beach”, “Marfa Market”, “Seef Destination”, “Bluewater “and” Dubai “Festival City Mall, Mercato Mall, Nakheel Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Festival Plaza City Center, Mirdif City Center Deira and Ibn Battuta Mall.

Five separate night markets were launched during the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai Festival City Mall, Al Seef, Mall of the Emirates, Mercato Mall and Bluewaters, where families and friends can experience an immersive experience that mixes shopping and delicious food. cultural activities.

The night market in the “Dubai Festival City Mall”, in collaboration with “Ripe by the Bay”, offers its visitors a unique experience in restaurants offering Iftar and Suhoor meals, Arabic musical entertainment, camel riding and other activities.

While the “Emirati Village” inside the mall displays the authentic traditions of the Emirati people during the month of Ramadan, such as workshops, storytellers for children, cultural heritage equipment and Arabic calligraphy.

And in “Destination Al-Seef”, Ramadan Al-Seef Night Market displays all sorts of different products in the period from breakfast to midnight, including Ramadan home decorations, Ramadan lanterns, children’s products and Ramadan sweets. sky in “Al-Seef” offers a group of artistic creations in collaboration with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and “Arabesque” in addition to contemporary art installations, artistic performances and live activities.

Mall of the Emirates includes distinctive activities that reflect the spirit of the local Emirati heritage through the “Ramadanat Zaman Awal” market, which features distinctive entertainment activities, workshops and many local products and foods to suit different family members and the general public.

While “Mercato Mall” presented two markets during Ramadan during its official working hours, the first entitled “I Love You Ramadan”, a mobile market to market the latest Ramadan supplies, and the second, “The Misk Market”, which presented it recent collections of Abayas and Kaftans.

And on Bluewaters Island, opposite the Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Ramadan markets include various types of local food, in addition to a variety of workshops and entertainment activities with oud and qanun players, henna art and children’s activities such as painting and storytelling.

A number of shops in Dubai offer a number of attractive marketing campaigns in Ramadan on a wide range of products and brands in fashion, beauty, interior design and others, while many hotels offer residents and visitors to Dubai great deals on accommodation, restaurants and attractions to enjoy it holy month of Ramadan in Dubai this year.

Wam / Halima Al Shamsi / Asim Al Khouli

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