Emirates News Agency – Dubai Roads issues 38,000 permits to electric scooter users

DUBAI, August 11 / WAM / Dubai Roads and Transport Authority issued 38,102 permits to use electric scooters during the first three months after the launch of its digital platform to issue the free permit, bringing the daily average of permits issued by the authority for about 423 permits.

The results of the launch of the digital platform showed that 11,206 (equivalent to 29%) of the permit holders are tourists and visitors to Dubai. These figures confirm the efforts to implement the Dubai Government’s directives in transforming the Emirate of Dubai into a bicycle-friendly city, and the authority’s leading role in encouraging residents and visitors to use electric scooters as one of the alternative means of transport, ideal for individual transport for short trips.

Obtaining the permit requires passing the information course available on the authority’s website, and the student’s age should not be less than 16 years.

The training course contains lessons on the scooter’s technical specifications and standards, and the user’s obligations, in addition to the areas in which the use of the scooter is permitted. The course also deals with introducing the signs and road signs associated with the scooter.

The authority clarified that users of shared electric scooters and personal electric scooters on designated streets must obtain permission Holders of a valid vehicle driving license or an international driving license.

The authority urged all individuals to comply with the requirements and regulations when using the electric scooter.

WAM/ Salma Al Shamsi/ Muhammad Nabil/ Mustafa Badr Al Din

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