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Apple TV has released the trailer Emancipation which is Will ‘Slapper’ Smith’s first major film project since … you know what.

Emancipation is written by William N. Collage and tells the true story of “Whipped Peter” (Smith), a man who escapes from slavery, relying on his wit, unwavering faith and deep love for his family to avoid cold-blooded hunters and the merciless swamps of Louisiana on his quest for freedom.

Apple Emancipation Real
The now infamous photo of the real “Whipped Pete”.

Pete (as he was known to his friends) joined the Union Army in the 1860s after escaping slavery. His story became well-known when shocking photos taken during his army medical examination – which showed his bare back badly mutilated by whipping – were widely shared as part of the abolitionist movement at the time and went on to help in the fight against slavery.

Apple Emancipation Scene
“Now Will, you’re on camera, so no more violent acts. OKAY?”

The film was originally scheduled to premiere earlier this year, but was pushed back after one of Hollywood’s privileged elite beat another of Hollywood’s privileged elite.

This happened during a live show packed with Hollywood’s privileged elite. The show is used by Hollywood’s privileged elites to pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves on their privileged elite status. They do this all the while telling those who are not Hollywood’s privileged elites how privileged we are.

Emancipation will be released in select theaters on December 2 before coming to Apple TV a week later, which means it will be eligible for the 2023 Oscar race, which I don’t care about.

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