Elizabeth Warren calls Kevin McCarthy a ‘liar and traitor’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Tore into House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Sunday, calling him a “liar and a traitor,” after audio confirmed that McCarthy said he wanted then-President Donald Trump to resign after the January 6th. 2021, Capitol riots, an attitude he refused to have.

“Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a traitor. It’s outrageous. And that’s really the disease that’s plaguing the Republican leadership right now. That they’re saying one thing to the American public and something else private,” Warren told CNN “State of the Union. “

McCarthy continues Thursday flatly rejected a New York Times report that he planned to advise Trump to step down, calling it “totally false and wrong.” Hours later, the Times published the audio of McCarthy saying he planned to do just that.

“It would be my recommendation that he step down,” McCarthy was heard telling other GOP leaders in a call on January 10, 2021, discussing the aftermath of the Capitol attack.

McCarthy, who is campaigning to become a spokesman for Parliament if his party wins the majority in November, did not publicly comment on this audio recording on Sunday morning.

Warren continued to reprimand his opposing party’s handling of the violence and some party members’ continued denial, without evidence, that Trump won the election.

“They understand that it is wrong what happened, an attempt to overthrow our government, and that Republicans will instead continue to try to figure out how to make the 2020 election different instead of using theirs. energy on how it is, we are moving forward., to build an economy, to create this country, “she told CNN’s Dana Bash.” Work better for the people who sent us to Washington. Shame on Kevin McCarthy. ”

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