Elden Ring just got a huge update, like Nerf’s Bloodhound Step

The witch Ranni from Elden Ring looks at the camera.

Screenshot: From Software

It has been a while Fire Ring so no love but patch 1.06 is here. There isn’t much in the way of new additions, although the update in particular means you can now do co-op or invasions in multiple locations at once in addition to having a larger invasion area. There is also a new mysterious NPC who is supposed to help you advance Varre’s questline without wade into multiplayer at all, though in typical FromSoftware fashion, there’s no word on where to find this handy guy. Still, the update is huge, at least when it comes to gameplay tweaks.

The much-maligned Bloodhound Step, an Ash of War that allows you to dodge attacks at high speeds while turning invisible, has been tuned down so that the more you use it, the less effective it is. Bloodhound Step also goes more when you’re light on gear, but FromSoftware seems to have touched almost everything low-carrying. You can now scroll further when you e.g. doesn’t have much to do with it. Still, the Bloodhound Step nerf is pretty big news for anyone participating in multiplayer. Recently in a poll of 10,000 playerswas the oft-used skill one of the most cited reasons for believing the multiplayer was broken and unbalanced.

And you can believe that gamers are happy about this: almost every reply during the Twitter announcement celebrates the death of Bloodhound.

One of the other highly requested changes is a Corpse Arrows drop. Corpse Arrows is the skill attached to the popular Rivers of Blood weapon where the player swings the sword into an “X” shape that leaves a trail of blood. If the enemy is hit by the trace or the actual weapon, it will cause damage, blood spike accumulation, and fire damage. Now, however, the trail of blood left behind is not as effective as before, with less damage and bleeding dealt upon impact. The blade itself also does less damage, but only slightly, according to the patch notes. It seems reasonable, really.

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Unfortunately, the Astrologer favorite Glintstone Pebble now does less damage, but it goes further than before, at least if you’re using the Ash of War version. The spell didn’t do a ton of damage, but it could be cast quickly at a low FP cost, and it also made witchcraft on horseback a lot easier. You can still take full advantage of these things if you use the spell correctly, but everyone else is out of luck.

A welcome change comes for Opaline Hardtear, an item that frustratingly had an outright incorrect description in the game. The tear was should negate physical damage, which sounds pretty useful, right? Well, until now, Opaline instead reduced elemental damage, leading to a ton of confusion for anyone equipping it. This has been corrected.

“Bonk” players should be pretty happy too, because the patch makes Greatswords and Great Hammers much better. If you use bonk, you can now roll faster after attacking, charge attacks are faster, and axes are faster directly.

You can find the full PVP-centric patch notes below. All around, a solid patch, although now we’re all wondering: when is the DLC?

  • Added the ability to send summon signs to summon pools in multiple areas, including distant areas.
  • When you send a cooperation sign to distant areas with this feature, summoning pools in “Mohgwyn Palace” will be excluded
  • Added a new way to advance White Mask Varre’s questline aside from participating in multiplayer invasion by defeating a new NPC
  • Balance changes
  • Added the following adjustments to Greatsword, Curved Greatsword and Great Hammers:
    Reduced the time it takes to roll to become possible after an attack (jump attack, dual wield attack and attack while mounted not included)
  • Increased the movement speed of strong attack and charge attack (mounted attacks not included)
  • Increased Guard Counter movement speed
  • Increased the attack speed of Great Axes and reduced the time it takes to roll after an attack (jump attack, dual wield attack and attack while mounted are not included)
  • Increased roll distance when the player has a light equipment load.
  • Increased the hitbox of Cipher Pata’s weapon skill “Unblockable Blade”
  • Increased the range of the Ash of War “Glintstone Pebble” and “Glintstone Dart” projectile, while reducing the damage and shear force
  • Reduced the travel distance and invincibility limits of the Ash of War “Bloodhound Step” while adding the changes below:
    ・Reduced performance with continuous use
    Increased travel distance with light equipment load
  • Shortened the activation interval when using the “Quick Step” skill in sequence, increasing its ability to circle around the enemy when locked on and adding the changes below: 
    ・Reduced performance with continuous use
    ・Increased travel distance when on light equipment load
  • Reduced the damage and bleed build-up of the “Corpse Arrows” weapon skill when hit by the blood attack. When hit by the blade, the damage is only minor
  • Decreased target tracking ability for “Stars of Ruin” spell
  • Error corrections
  • Fixed a bug that caused some attacks by “Lucerne” to not pierce the enemy guard
  • Fixed a bug that made it harder for a two-handed jump attack with “Bloodhound’s Fang” to break the enemy’s stance
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effect of “Determination” and “Royal Knight’s Resolve” to disappear after using the “Parry” skill with a dagger
  • Fixed a bug when double-swinging with ax and greataxe caused additional effects from spells, weapon skills, and items to not be applied correctly
  • Fixed a bug when wielding a halberd two-handedly, making it harder to counter enemy attacks after using guard counters
  • Fixed a bug that caused some weapons’ physical attack affinity to be different from the affinity listed in the description.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be more easily noticed by the enemy when wearing the “Deathbed Dress” even when crouching
  • Fixed a bug that caused flail attacks to damage allies’ character when wearing “Deathbed Dress”
  • Fixed a bug that caused HP to regenerate when switching your gear to a certain type of armor. Fixed a bug where the effect added to the weapon when using “Mists of Slumber” was lost when the player received an attack. Fixed a bug that caused the playable character’s movement to become unstable when hitting certain enemies with the ability “Ghostflame Ignition”
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from using “The Queen’s Black Flame” skill’s follow-up attack when performing the skill with insufficient FPF. Fixed a bug with the “Zamor Ice Storm” weapon skill that allowed the player to more easily resist enemy attacks when using the skill with insufficient FP
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effect of spells and items added to right-handed weaponry to occur when using certain weapon skills with the left hand.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the FP consumption description of certain weapon skills to differ from its actual FP cost
  • Fixed a bug that allows “Rock Blaster” to not consume any FP when used with a staff on the left hand and no weapon on the right hand
  • Fixed a bug that caused the charged version of “Black Flame Ritual” to consume the same amount of stamina as the normal version
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to receive less HP recovery from spells and items other than “Flask of Crimson Tears” when the effect of “Malenia’s Great Rune” was activated
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from jumping in the air while driving under specific conditions
  • Fixed a bug that allowed jumping attacks with colossal weapons while mounted to hit twice in a row
  • Fixed a bug that caused some characters to appear more than once in the summon pool
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effect of some weapon skills’ attacks to persist under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused significant performance issues in “Ordina, Liturgical Town” under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up lost runes on death under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to reach certain inaccessible areas during multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug that caused the multiplayer area to have a different border than expected
  • Fixed a bug causing some enemies to have incorrect images and behavior.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect sounds to be played under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some areas to render the player unable to move, leading to death
  • Fixed a bug that caused some locations on the map to have incorrect images and hitboxes.
  • Fixed a bug in some maps that allowed users to reach unexpected locations using certain procedures.
  • Fixed a bug with the PC version that caused click input when equipping Staves or Sacred Seals and switching Windows to active.
  • Other things
    Added the “ERROR” text to unauthorized items
    In update file 1.04, we fixed a bug that allowed players to pass unauthorized items that cannot be obtained in-game to other players. After the distribution of this update file, possession and use of these unauthorized items will be subject to a warning or penalty after a certain period of time.

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