Effective remote management of online casino businesses

Today, the online casino business is bigger than ever. Technological advances have shaped the systems for creating and managing casinos more efficiently than ever before. Likewise, a strong infrastructure has been built around casinos, which now employ a truly diverse array of professionals from around the world.

Covid-19 made a decisive change in the way we work

Although the online casino business was already quite efficient and modern, many companies still had surprisingly old ways of doing business before the koruna. Telecommuting was frowned upon and all employees were expected to be on site at the office where the casino was actually run.

As Covid-19 forced companies around the world, including online casinos, to reorganize their operations, the option of remote work had to be offered to all employees, regardless of their position or job description.

In other words, the situation today is that many jobs within the igaming sector can also be done remotely. This has made the already efficient casino companies even more efficient. How does this translate into practice?

Mainly, for example, the number of meetings in companies has fallen significantly. This in turn allows more time to do work at all levels. Streamlined operations are also important for well-being in the workplace: In many companies it is possible to work a shorter working day.

How are the best casinos run?

Let’s take an example from Finland. The best online casinos, or netin parahita casinoita, as the Finns say, in the Finnish market, is operated entirely outside the country. The country has a monopoly, at least for now, where a state-owned company has the sole right to operate games.

There is almost no direct casino activity in Finland, but on the other hand, foreign casinos can also operate in the country. This is of course because of the Internet: Finland cannot restrict online casinos because the Internet is not owned by any state, not even individual parts of it.

Companies operating casinos from abroad are mainly located in Malta and Estonia. In other countries, the casino industry is less concentrated and advanced.

The online casinos that operate in these countries are almost all those that offer the possibility to work remotely and efficiently from any location.

How to improve efficiency in practice?

As already mentioned, the number of meetings has been significantly reduced over the last few years. This has freed up a lot of time for important performance activities, leading to more efficient operations.

Project management tools also play a particularly important role. These are now available for many different purposes and each casino company will find a solution for their own needs.

Project management tools allow remote workers to streamline their activities. Processes are made consistent and everyone sees the same views, so everyone involved in a project can see where they are going. The functions between the various departments are also integrated, and for example marketing interacts directly with both the responsible gaming departments and customer support.

Can online casino activities be scaled up to other sectors?

Yes, and indeed it has been done. The more companies can use digitization to maximize the efficiency of their own operations, the better. Online casinos have had an excellent opportunity to do this in the absence of physical products in the real world.

This means that all the functions offered to customers are always only available online, which also makes it easier to work remotely and manage all processes on a daily basis.

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