eaJ talks starts his solo career, teacher from DAY6, and

eaJ opens a new chapter.

Since 2015, the Korean-American singer-songwriter has been one of five who have made music as part of the popular K-pop band DAY 6. But most recently eaJ – which is also known as Jae Park— Embarks on a new journey where he takes on the music world as a soloist.

Jae, under his new name, has released a number of tracks on YouTube starting with ‘LA Train’ in January 2020 followed by his hits ‘Pacman’, ‘Powder’ with cash, and ‘It’s just’ with Seori. By the end of the year, he already had a number of solo tracks under his belt, they just weren’t officially released.

After an eventful 2021 – which included leaving his long-standing company JYP Entertainment and performs at 88 rising‘s Head in the Clouds for the first time, Jae is finally officially starting his solo career.

While there were bumps along the way, it was ‘Dive with you’ action is determined to make it work. “I’ve actually always been tough on having goals, and I do not want to ban it, but everything I set out to do, I have always done,” he says. Belt trolley in an exclusive interview.

Jae recently released his official debut single ‘Car accident’ which he initially teased Head in the Clouds November last year. The multifaceted artist, who serves as the first of many releases planned for the year, says he is soon working his way up to an album.

Belt trolley captured Jae for talking about his solo music, his journey in K-pop, and his supportive Twitch community.

Hey, Jae! What have you been busy with lately?

I’ve been super busy getting ready for my next single and also working on my album. I’m always in the studio! Also, by shooting another music video, just try to fine tune the music and get it right. I’m really, really happy because the first single did so much better than I thought it would. My fans really showed their support.

Congratulations on ‘Car Crash’, could you guide us through how the single came together?

Thank you! ‘Car Crash’ came along because I originally needed a song for 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival (HITC) last year.

I only had really sad music and not too much optimistic music, so I wanted something the audience could really mood for and jump with. I feel it was a success at HITC and the reception was really good so we decided to release it as my first single.

What can we expect from your upcoming releases? Do you have a special vision for how your solo music will sound?

I do not have any kind of vision and I think that is what has always been so interesting about my music, especially when I dropped things for the eaJ project back in 2020.

Everyone was pretty excited about the release because they had no idea what the song was going to sound like. I’m still exploring what I like. So for a particular vision, I do not necessarily have any. I just focus on making music of the best quality I can ever.

There is always a lot to learn and more room for me to grow. Also acoustically, what can you expect? Lots of screams. I kind of stopped singing and screaming a lot.

What are some specific goals you have for your music career? Where do you hope to be in the next few years?

In fact, I’ve always been strict about having goals … I do not want to confuse it, but everything I set out to do, I have always done. I know this is a long shot, but I have to dream big – within the next two years I will be an artist who often gets in the top 50 Billboard charts.

You have spent your musical career so far in K-pop as part of a group. What have you learned from your time in this industry and group that you bring out as a soloist?

As much as I have been open in the past about how frustrated I was in the industry, I need to give credit where to credit. I have learned and gained a lot of experience from my time in my group. My group has been like my fuel and they have always been a constant supporter when I needed them. I do not think I would be where I am today without the education that the team has [has] branded into me as an intern. I learned that hard work is very, very important in a career, and that working hard for the right things is even more important.

In the last year, you have been open about the K-pop industry and the experiences you have had. What are some of the challenges you faced?

I think I was very angry at the system itself, and to be honest, I think I carried that anger further than I needed to. I realized I was hurting friends because of my experience in the industry and I do not think that is fair. It’s not even the genre I should be angry at, it’s the circumstances and surroundings I was in that I was angry at. My anger just never smoldered out and I started banging on everyone so I want to take a moment to apologize. Not just for the things I’ve done, but just for my mindset to have been in the place it was when I still did not realize it.

I don’t think having creative control over what we were allowed to write about, maybe even the album’s concepts and styling was a little frustrating for me, because even though I wrote the music of what the company sent me, there was still a vision for song. It felt a bit like the company’s visions were sometimes not in line with ours. It was frustrating to express an idea and not to be listened to.

On the flip side, what did you enjoy most about being in K-pop and being a part of DAY6? What has been your most memorable moment?

I think one of the most memorable moments I’ve had in DAY 6 was not the arenas we played in, but this one once … it’s back when we were still training. We would literally be in band training from 6 p.m. 18:00 to 01.00, kl. 02.00, kl. 03:00 and sometimes at

I remember everyone once was just really frustrated because it didn’t go well. We decided to go outside and just talk about the music in a small park, we got a beer or two and then we came back to practice. I remember it was the funniest band rehearsal we’ve ever had. The next day we woke up and we thought it was amazing and perfect when we went and when we heard it in the morning it was NOT good. But I think it was one of the most memorable moments I have had with the team. These are the kind of memories that you know, even if we do not talk so much more, I will cherish and never forget.

Let’s talk about streaming! What first got you streaming on Twitch?

I think with streaming on Twitch, I initially saw it as a very obvious decision because I love playing games. I saw a lot of streamers and I felt it was a good platform to reach out to other audiences. It ended up doing exactly that for my songs like ‘Pillows’ and ‘Pacman’.

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of help through my friends streaming to support my music, which helped spread the word. The songs were literally just uploaded to YouTube without traction; I had no promotions and I had no money behind them. The friends I made in the Twitch community really helped.

Tell us about your Twitch community. How are they? How do you make sure you connect with your viewers, especially those who may not have known you as a musician at first?

My Twitch community is actually really interesting. There are a lot of people who have known me from DAY6, people who have known me as eaJ, and also people who have just found me from Twitch.

This is really interesting because most Twitch communities really support their streamer. It’s a great place to call back and just feel comfortable. I literally end my day thinking about the drive home ‘oh, I’ll stream later and it’s going to be a good time’ because I just feel very comfortable and welcome. I have a great community on Twitch, and I’m very grateful for that.

Do you have a favorite game to play on stream?

Lately, I usually do not have a favorite game, I just jumped around. I’ve played a lot TFT: Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Lost Ark. I’m back too Minecraft on a friend’s server.

My Twitch is not always about playing games for me, but also just about communicating with the people who are watching and generally having a good time. My Twitch community is just so much fun to be with, they’re pretty funny.

Finally, what other projects do you have on the way during the year?

I’m always working on new music and I’ll soon have another single, along with a complete album sometime after that!

Listen to eaJs ‘Car Crash’ here.

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