Each version of Robin responds to original costume in fun fan art

A DC fan has created the perfect fan art that shows any Robin trying on Dick Grayson’s classic costume and reacting to the revealing outfit.

First published in 1940, Robin‘s costume has been constantly updated ever since to prevent it from being dated, as Batman has taken one sidekick after another. But a fantastic new piece of fan art wonders how each new holder of the cloak would feel if they had been asked to wear Dick Grayson’s original costume.

When Dick Grayson joined Batman’s mission to keep Gotham safe, he donned his iconic red, yellow and green outfit, which contrasted with the Dark Knights’ more muted colors. While Jason Todd wore pretty much the same costume as his predecessor, every other Robin has since had their own bid on the freewheeling outfit from Dick’s Day. The colors may have remained the same, but Dick Grayson’s old green suitcases are a remnant of a bygone era and have fallen out of favor with more modern clothing conventions.


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Artist @Shmeckdoesstuff gives a fun look at what each Robin thinks of Dick’s costume with her latest piece showing each canonical version of the hero trying on the clothes for himself. On Twitter, the artist posted a message “They try on and costume lolol“along with two works of art featuring Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne responding to the original Robin costume. Dick proudly wears his costume and expresses a confident”Still have it,“while Jason Todd looks smoky to copy Grayson once again. The less sociable Tim covers himself up, no doubt embarrassed by how much leg the older Robin costume shows. Stephanie, on the other hand, is just as confident as Dick, which shows how well she pulls the outfit off, and proud of her place in the Robin family. The best reaction, however, belongs to Damian, who outright refuses to wear the costume and stabs the green trunks with a sword.

The @ Shmeckdoesstuff piece received over 3000 likes and hundreds of retweets, as well as a number of responses from users who loved the work for its humor and sweet art style. The positive reception can also stem from how each Robin responds to the costume. Dick and Steph’s confidence suits them both, as does Jason’s anger and Tim’s embarrassment. Needless to say, Damian’s violent rejection is probably the most characteristic depiction in the entire play.

One of the most famous aspects of Batman’s modern history is how the various members of the Bat family interact. Recently have Robins the series won DC’s first Round Robin fan poll, with Bruce’s former sidekicks reflecting on their experiences, while the recent Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is basically a sitcom depicting the domestic interactions of the heroes. Of course, some situations – like everyone having to try Dick’s costume design – still require fan art to be properly explored.

Most fans (and fashion experts for that matter) can probably agree that Dick’s old costume does not hold up well. The very exposed leg is not safe for a criminal fighter. In fact, most depictions of Dick Grayson’s earliest days in recent years have completely removed the tribes, pretending they never existed. But there is something to be said for works of art like @ Shmeckdoesstuff’s that look at outdated elements such as Robin’s old costume. Fans can laugh at how the customs of comics have changed by comparing old comic book conventions with current characteristics. The DC Universe may have moved on from the days of Dick Grayson’s suitcases, but that does not mean that Robins still can not have an opinion about them.

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Source: @Shmeckdoesstuff

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