Each Anya Taylor-Joy performance, ranked

Style icon, award-winning actor, star on the rise. Anya Taylor-Joy has been on stage for less than a decade, and since her explosive arrival The witch she has made an extremely impressive filmography. She has played a Marvel superhero, Barack Obama’s girlfriend and a Playmobil character. She has performed with American, British, Irish and Russian accents (not to mention what the hell the old Viking accents were). When she’s not shopping, she’s made it a habit to hit the red carpet in a series of immaculate designer looks. She’s the host Saturday Night Live. She has won a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Award, a SAG and seems destined for more. She’s a hot commodity in Hollywood, and she’s in line to star in the next David O. Russell movie starring Christian Bale and Robert DeNiro. She has to play Furiosa in one Mad Max prequel and Princess Peach in one Mario brothers movie.

This month brought the arrival of ATJ’s latest project, Robert Eggers’ The Norwegian. It is the horror film’s third film and second with Taylor-Joy in the lead role. With an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score (especially for a film involving farts, branding and bare guts), the film is well positioned to become yet another jewel in the crown of ATJ’s career. So while we are considering Anya Taylor-Joy, why not rank the achievements of her short but impressive career?

A few basic rules: We rank both film and TV shows. Cameos, voiceover roles, shorts and music videos are all included, but her appearances in documentaries and as herself are not. It should also be noted that this ranking is based solely on her performance and NOT the project as a whole. Then, unfortunately, James McAvoy’s Patricia came in Share does not take into account this ranking, but fortunately also not disastrous ticket office and critical reception The new mutants.

So what do you say? Would you like to rate these performances, delicious?

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