Dying man who mooned on speed camera for bucket list is in trouble again

Darrell Meekcom pictured when he was arrested for mooning at a speed camera (Photo: SWNS)

An terminally ill speaker has been charged with using threatening behavior when he was arrested for mooning at a speed camera.

Darrell Meekcom, 55, has a bucket list of things he wants to do before he dies of multiple system trophy.

Among them was moonlighting at a speed camera, which led him to arrest at his home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in November.

He was later released and then interviewed under caution in January. He has now been charged for his reaction to being arrested and will appear before judges in May.

Darrell claims that the charges are ‘invented’ and that the police are ‘looking for a little thing to get me on’.

He said: ‘This is an escalation of what they have done. You can not keep changing it and change it until you find something that fits.

‘What are they going to find next. They’re literally looking for a little thing to get me on.

‘I pulled my pants down and moaned at a speed camera. That was all I did. ‘They essentially admit that no offense was committed in the first instance.

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“There is nothing on this indictment that says I committed any first offense at all.

‘Why did the living daylight kick off me in the backyard if no offense had been committed?

“So all this is after they slammed my doors and caused thousands of pounds of damage for no good reason.

‘The police escalated it and I’m furious about it. I never thought it would reach this point.

‘It’s a case of bullying and they’re trying to get everything they can to get hold of me.

“I dread to think about how much taxpayers’ money it costs to do this.

‘My health will not, and has not improved since all this started. The stress of all this has made my health worse. It’s incredible.’

Darrell, who lives with his wife Sarah, 36, and their two daughters, has previously told how he was amazed when police showed up outside their home.

Darrell will appear before judges in mid-May (Photo: SWNS)

He had lost his pants at a mobile speed camera van on Stourbridge Road in Kidderminster while his wife went to buy some bread from a nearby Tesco Express.

Cell phone footage filmed by Sarah, a nurse, shows Darrell calmly telling officers: ‘I am terminally ill, I will not be able to breathe like this.

‘This is ridiculous – I mounted a speed camera. I mooned a speed camera. ‘

Wheelchair user Darrell – who also has Parkinson’s disease and heart and kidney problems – added: ‘I was simply smashed. The whole thing is honestly just confusing.

‘I feel like I’ve been abused. It was outrageous bullying. They could very easily have killed me.

‘I got out of the car and blinked my butt. I pulled my pants up and sat back in the car. I did not think anything of it. It was a good laugh.

‘I came home and within 20 minutes there was a police car outside. I was too scared to go out. It was actually quite scary. ‘

A police spokesman said: ‘As legal proceedings are now under way, West Mercia police can not comment further at this time’.

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