DWTS fans spot ‘big hint’ Tyra Banks will NOT return for season 31 as sources insist she has been ‘fired’ from host job

DANCE With the Stars fans have discovered a big clue that Tyra Banks will not be returning to host season 31.

The continued speculation from fans comes as sources told The Sun have insisted the 48-year-old has been fired from his host concert.


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On Monday, Deadline revealed that Tyra had landed a brand new job on screen, this time for acting.

The model signed on to star in a remake of the 1991 comedy Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

The original film followed five siblings who were left to fend for themselves after their babysitter died while their mother is out of town.

Christina Applegate played 17-year-old Sue, the eldest sibling who was forced to raise herself and take care of her siblings after the babysitter’s death.

The remake will be a contemporary retelling, and Tyra will take on the role of fashion director Rose, who was portrayed by Joanna Cassidy in the original.

But with the new concert and production starting in July, fans are thinking it could mean she’s one with DWTS.

A Reddit fan shared the news, speculating: “She’s just signed on for a new movie – could that be a sign that she’s officially out?”

Another said they wanted it to be true, writing “” I hope she goes … I do not want her to come back. “

Tyra became DWTS’s solo host for season 29 after longtime host Tom Bergeron and his co-host Erin Andrews were released, shocking some fans.

She then remained at the helm for season 30, though it seems her time on the show is coming to an end.

While DWTS has not yet announced the host for its upcoming season, The Sun only revealed that Tyra is unlikely to return.

A source told The Sun: “There is no official decision on who will host next season, but it does not look like Tyra will be back.

“Which would be a network decision, not her decision.”

As previously reported, DWTS is leaving ABC after 30 seasons and will soon join the Disney + streaming service after low ratings and major setbacks over Tyra as host.

The Sun insider does not blame the competition for this season’s low ratings, but rather how it was presented.

“Production has been a mess, with no clear direction for where [the show] was underway, which is why some manufacturers have been laid off in recent months, “they said.

Last year’s season, according to the source, was considered a critical success on screen as people enjoyed contestants and winner Iman Shumpert.

The source added: “The mixture of chaos behind the scenes and the historically low ratings was ultimately nailed in the coffin.

“ABC did not feel it was worth the investment anymore, but did not want to drop it as a whole.”

In addition to the switch to Disney +, the competition series has also been renewed for two seasons and will be the streaming service’s first live series.

The shaking comes after the show had been dealing with some issues the last couple of seasons, including fans urging host Tyra to get fired and declining ratings.

During season 29, Tyra announced the wrong bottom-two pair during the elimination process, blaming the broadcast blunder on a key word error.

Almost immediately, fans were not in tune with the ANTM alum.

There was a fan signature about replacing her on Change.org, which got 14K signatures.

Strange outfits have been another issue as Tyra has been known for even upstage artists, including a dinosaur-inducing number that was trampled by fans.


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