Dubai Police discusses the importance of intellectual property to encourage creativity and innovation among young people

Dubai: “The Bay”

The General Department of Administrative Affairs of the Dubai Police organized a dialogue session entitled “Intellectual Property for Youth: Innovation for a Better Future”, in conjunction with World Intellectual Property Day, which falls on April 26, where it discussed encouragement for innovation and creativity among the young generation, and the importance of introducing the generation to register their intellectual property and their innovations in order to preserve them and economically benefit from them.

The session was hosted by First Lieutenant Assistant Expert Abdullah Al Bastaki, a Biology and DNA Expert, at the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology at Dubai Police, Zahra Al Rajabi, CEO of Intellectual Property Data Company, and Attorney Ahmed Zaza of Al Tamimi and Associates.

At the beginning of the session, lawyer Ahmed Zaza spoke about the local and regional offices of intellectual property in creating a legal and political environment for young entrepreneurs to preserve and benefit from their innovations, while giving an explanation of the definition of Intellectual property of intangible assets such as the names and trademarks of companies and others.

Zahra Al-Rajbi, for her part, reviewed a working paper entitled “How can intellectual property rights support the youth of tomorrow in creating a better future?”, In which she emphasized that young people are the engine of progress and progress in society, and they should be made aware on the importance of intellectual property and record their innovations.

For his part, First Lieutenant Assistant Expert Abdullah Al Bastaki spoke about the “invention of the male DNA fingerprint for Dubai Police” and the measures taken by the Dubai Police General Command to document and register it as a patent with the World Patent Organization (WIPO). .

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