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Drivers on the M20 dodge mattresses after 20 flights off the back of the truck

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This is the shocking moment when more than 20 mattresses fly from the back of a truck onto a busy highway.

The truck transported the large pile of mattresses towards London on the M20 near Ashford in Kent.

They appeared to be stacked properly in the cage, but the doors were not secured and the wind blew them up.

Within seconds, the mattresses flew out and landed in front of other cars, which had to swing to avoid them.

“I had to go out in the fast lane to avoid them – they could easily cause an accident,” said one motorist.

The chaos happened while the truck driver overtook in the middle lane.

When the driver had crossed into the inner lane, there were only two mattresses left, one of which hung at the back.

The upper door to the cage is lifted by the back of a truck with mattresses on the M20.  More than 20 mattresses fell off a truck driving on the M20 towards London, near Ashford in Kent.

The top of the cage blew off the truck and all the mattresses followed (Photo: SWNS)

Mattresses flying from behind on an M20 truck.  More than 20 mattresses fell off a truck driving on the M20 towards London, near Ashford in Kent.

The drivers had to turn to avoid the mattresses when they landed on the road (Photo: SWNS)

Dashboard cameras captured the expansive mattresses from different angles.

A clip shows the truck driver on his way to the hard shoulder, presumably to pull over and handle the mattresses.

It comes after a truck spilled 200 liters of diesel on the M20 on Tuesday and closed two lanes overnight.

The accident caused major damage to the road and it ended up having to be rebuilt.

National Highway workers have installed Operation Brock counterflow on the M20 – when cones are positioned in a way that keeps traffic going during disruptions.

This will remain in place until after the May 1st holiday.

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