Driver crashes £ 250,000 Ferrari after driving less than two miles in it

The driver did not even reach two miles in their new car (Photo: SWNS)

It was supposed to be their pride and joy, but instead it is now a ruined wreck.

These are the aftermaths of a very costly crash that happened earlier today.

It shows a £ 250,000 supercar that crashed the same day the owner bought it – just two miles away from the dealer.

The luxury car is believed to be a Ferrari 488.

Pictures shared by police show the front helmet curled with scratches all over the front of the flashy red sports car.

The driver, who was not injured, was left to count the cost after his pride and joy was involved in the collision shortly after he bought the car in Derby.

Derbyshire Police said: ‘Derby. April 1st. The driver bought a Ferrari this morning and crashed with it after driving it less than 3 km. No damages. #DriveToArrive. ‘

The car is believed to be worth £ 250,000 from new (Photo: SWNS)

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