Dowden: Boris Johnson will lead the Tories into the next general election

Oliver Dowden and Boris Johnson

The next general election is currently scheduled for January 2025 (Photo: PA / Reuters)

Boris Johnson will lead the Conservatives into the next parliamentary elections despite growing demands for his resignation over Partygate, the party chairman has insisted.

The Prime Minister has come under fire after receiving hefty fines from the Metropolitan Police for breaking Covid restrictions during the lockdown, where many believe a no-confidence vote is inevitable.

Despite this, he has insisted that he will continue to lead the country, something the Tory party chairman has now backed.

“I have full confidence that Boris will lead us into the next parliamentary elections,” Oliver Dowden told the BBC’s Sunday Morning program.

He insisted removing Mr Johnson from his post would lead to ‘instability and insecurity’ in the country as it faced ‘unparalleled challenges’ to national security and the cost of living.

“I understand how people feel really hurt and angry about this, and I think the Prime Minister acknowledged that correctly in what he said – he gave a complete and unreserved apology,” Mr Dowden said.

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‘But I think you have to balance against all the really good things he has done as Prime Minister – whether it’s delivering the vaccine program, getting Brexit implemented or the action in Ukraine.

“But also the challenges we face right now, whether it’s national security or whether it’s energy security – these unsurpassed challenges. And I actually believe that instability and insecurity caused by a change of leadership would not be in the national interest. ‘

Last week, Mr Johnson himself said that “of course” he would fight the next parliamentary election as Tory leader.

Pressed on whether there were any circumstances under which he would consider resigning, he said: ‘Not much is thinking about at the moment.’

Sir. Dowden added that the government was stepping up its efforts to approve visas for Ukrainians fleeing the war, while urging France and Germany to do more to help.

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The Prime Minister, his wife Carrie Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak all received fines for attending a birthday party held in Mr Johnson’s honor in June 2020.

It is the first time a sitting prime minister has broken the law, and it has prompted many MPs across the benches to call for his resignation.

It is believed that Mr Johnson may receive additional fines as part of the police investigation into allegations from parties held in No. 10 during the lockdown – however, Mr Dowden has dismissed this as “quite a speculation”.

Labor said Mr Johnson only had himself to blame for the spotlight on his handling of Partygate as well as rumors of breaches of social distance rules.

‘Why are we talking about this? Answer: because the Prime Minister has broken the rules he made and has been fined by the police for doing so, ” leader Keir Starmer told the BBC’s Sunday Morning program.

‘No Prime Minister in the history of our country has even been in that position before. So he has taken this on himself. His moral authority, his authority to lead, has shot through, and his own side has now had enough of defending him. ‘

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