DoorDash driver saves bleeding woman’s life while delivering food: ‘My guardian angel’

A DoorDash driver was in the right place at the right time.

Sophia Furtado, a delivery driver in Massachusetts, has been crowned as a hero after fearlessly jumping in to save a customer’s life.

On February 11, Caryn Hebert Sullivan ordered a late dinner, and Furtado brought the order to his address in the small West Island Fairhaven community.

Sullivan’s order was Furtado’s last stop for the evening. But when she arrived around 10pm to deliver the food, she discovered the customer unconscious and bleeding from the head at the foot of her steps.

Furtado, who had EMT training, got started quickly. She went into the house and informed Sullivan’s husband, Robert, who was sleeping inside.

“I just remember lying on my driveway thinking, ‘This is pretty much over,'” Sullivan recalled. “I was lying there watching a lot of white clouds,” she told CNN.

Sullivan, who had a previous arm injury and a bad knee, had been waiting outside for the birth before she fell and hit her head, according to CNN.

While talking on the phone with a 911 sender, Furtado quickly helped Sullivan by wrapping her in a blanket and using a towel to lightly tap her wounds, the Fairhaven Police Department said.

The quick-thinking driver kept the broadcast updated on Sullivan’s condition, giving officers and doctors the crucial pre-arrival information they needed to save her life.

Furtado even stayed by Sullivan’s side until officers and doctors arrived.

Sullivan said she was in the hospital for three weeks after the incident and suffered two severe cerebral haemorrhages.

“I’m so grateful to her, she’s my guardian angel,” Sullivan said, “thank God she was there, if she was not there I would be dead.”

In a Facebook post about the incident, the Fairhaven Police Department wrote: “Any paramedic can tell you that what Sophia did that night was not something anyone would just do. Those who have worked long enough in this field have seen people walk away, run away, drive away, pull out their phone or just watch … She saved a life. ”

The daring delivery driver was presented with a life-saving award and a $ 1,000 training scholarship from DoorDash at a ceremony on Wednesday.

GMEC-EMTan accredited educational institution employing EMS professionals was so impressed with her heroic gesture that they offered her a discount on their EMT program if she was interested in attending.

“We think she has what it takes,” the Fairhaven Police Department said.

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