Donald Trump, a malicious narcissist, blames Ukrainian victims for “real” American elections

As you have probably noticed by now, more than 17 months after he was justly removed from office, Donald Trump is still obsessed with the baseless idea that the 2020 election was stolen from him, and if you followed him around for a day, he would undoubtedly hear him work it out in conversation at least half a dozen times, from impromptu speeches at memorial ceremonies or weddings . crashed, to monologues delivered to poor servants who just wanted to know if he needed a fourth round of Diet Cokes. So it was rather not surprising, though nonetheless stomach-churning, to see him tie up yet another false claim that the 2020 election was “scammed” into the situation of countless dead Ukrainians. But he did!

In an interview aired Monday, Trump’s British friend said Piers Morgan asked the ex-president: “When you see the scenes, Mr. President, of maternity wards being bombed, when you see refugees being attacked while fleeing, grandmothers, children, babies, you see the decimation of former prosperous cities living in a thriving new democracy, when you see what is happening, you agree with my assessment that Vladimir Putin is now an evil genocide monster? ” Perhaps after finally realizing how bad it seemed to answer that question in anything but affirmative, which he had done on more than one occasion in the last six weeks, Trump replied “Yes, but I too …”

“You do?” asked Morgan, who was barely able to hide his surprise.

“Of course, who would not? What is happening is terrible,” Trump said, calling the situation “such a stupid war.” But of course he could not help himself. “I have to tell you what I really think,” he told Morgan. “I said, ‘Is not it a shame all the people have died because of a false choice?’ For if our choice had not been swindled, you would not have had anyone dead.”


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Clearly, this is a completely ridiculous thing to say, made more ridiculous by the fact that there is no evidence that the election was manipulated. Of course, this is not the first time Trump has claimed that if he were in office, Putin would not have attacked Ukraine, an assessment that his former advisers have said is bullshit, noting the 45th president’s Slavic devotion to the Russian leader that he “barely knew where Ukraine was,” and the fact that Russia, more than likely, did not invade Ukraine while Trump was in office because it was afraid of him, but because it was not ready, and probably was content to let him destroy NATO on his own.

And while it’s nice for Trump to get through an interview without calling Putin a tactical genius, he still shifts the blame for unimaginable horrors from his favorite Eastern European dictator to the shadow figures he is. still tried to convince people that he stole another period from him.

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GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn brought a loaded gun to the airport again

Yes, he has done it before! According to WSCO-TV:

Cawthorn was quoted as having a gun at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Tuesday morning, police said. According to the Transportation Security Administration, a 9mm pistol was found in a bag at Checkpoint D, and TSA officials contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. A picture obtained by Channel 9 shows that a loaded Staccato C2 was found at the airport on Tuesday.

This is not the first time a gun has been spotted on Cawthorn at an airport. In February 2021, the TSA found a 9mm pistol in Cawthorn’s cabin at Asheville Regional Airport. Cawthorn did not face any criminal charges against the incident … A spokesman for Cawthorn did not respond to a request for comment.

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