Does the “London Stock Exchange” contribute to reviving the Egyptian tourist season?

Does the “London Stock Exchange” contribute to reviving the Egyptian tourist season?

A new campaign and intense meetings on the sidelines of the events

Tuesday – 14 Rabi’ al-Thani 1444 AH – 8 November 2022 AD

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism during a meeting with representatives of British tourism companies within the activities of the London Stock Exchange (Egyptian Ministry of Tourism)

Cairo: Essam Fadl

Between promotional campaigns and official meetings with many Arab and foreign delegations, Egypt intensified its efforts to promote its tourist and archaeological sites during its participation in the activities of the international “London Stock Exchange” for tourism. An international gathering to promote tourism and sign regimental contracts.
Ahmed Issa, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, announced that “a new advertising campaign will soon be launched to highlight the Egyptian tourist destination.” Issa said during his meeting with a number of tourism companies and British airlines within the activities of the London International Tourism Exchange, which will be held in the period from November 7 to 9 in the British capital, London, that “the campaign is aimed at large tourist markets , including the UK market.” It aims to “highlight the Egyptian tourist destination with a new mental image and highlight the diversity and richness of the Egyptian tourism products that characterize Egypt and suit every taste and category of tourists and show that Egypt is an integrated tourist destination .”
The “London Stock Exchange”, which is one of the largest tourist gatherings in the world, together with the “Berlin Stock Exchange” provides an opportunity for countries to promote their tourism products and sign contracts to host tourist groups, where tourism, aviation and travel agencies meet, and the meetings result in the signing of visit contracts between companies, after looking at the various programs.
The international event represents a great opportunity for Egypt, which is expected to help revive the winter tourist season, according to Zain Al-Sheikh, the Egyptian tourism expert, who told Asharq Al-Awsat that “the role of ministers and official officials in each country is to promote tourist destinations, and what these countries can offer tourists.” He added: “The great value of this assembly is that tourism companies from all countries of the world, travel agencies and hotels sign actual contracts and agreements to host delegations.”
The Sheikh pointed out that “the events are expected to help revive the winter tourist season in Egypt, especially as this coincides with the increase in the price of the dollar and the depreciation of the pound, which means that a tourist’s trip to Egypt will be cheaper as a result of the currency difference .”
The Egyptian minister intensified his meetings with ministers and tourism officials from several countries, including Arab countries, with the aim of “promoting and developing cooperation in the tourism market in the Middle East.” He also met with Ahmed Al-Khatib, the Saudi minister of tourism, and the Egyptian and Saudi ministers discussed – according to an Egyptian statement – a proposal to “implement joint marketing programs aimed at distant markets and cooperation between the two countries to develop inbound tourism movement to Middle East region, contributing to the region achieving its fair share of the global tourism movement.” ».
The Sheikh appreciated the proposal for regional cooperation to attract tourist delegations to the Middle East and explained that “the implementation of joint programs between Egypt and Saudi Arabia would help to revive the tourism movement in the Middle East and increase the delegations, especially since this would allow the tourist to to visit tourist and archaeological sites in the two countries with the same program.” and costs.”

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