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In just one week, Marvel Studios will release Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnesswhich has already made Marvel fans froth at the mouth.

Well, I have a collection of stories, pictures and videos that will make you rabid fanboys make a little sex puddle in your pants. Here goes the true believer …

Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter

That’s right, Hayley Atwell has been confirmed and now seen in a new teaser that Disney has forced everyone to remove.

This is an alternate version of Atwell’s Captain America character that first appeared in the Disney + series What if…? In the animated Marvel anthology, Carter got the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers making her the war hero this time, because of course she did.

I have never seen What if…? but I assumed that Carter is Captain Britain, and as you can see below, we see the aftermath of her approach with Wanda Maximoff showing us the famous shield, but with the glorious Union Jack flag in the middle.

Captain Great Britain
The world’s largest flag.

Captain Marvel

Then I have to reassure you kids, so just a little bit of info about the alternative Captain Marvel to prevent you from hyperventilating. This shot reveals a clearer look at the Captain Marvel variant in the film, which appears to be Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau.

If you now remember the first trailer, everyone wondered that this was Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man, but looking at this picture suggests that we were wrong and that it was actually Rambeau.

Captain Marvel
Not Tom Cruise

Patrick Stewarts X-Men Hoverchair

Sir Pat, not content to desecrate everything around Picardis back as Professor X, but hopefully they rein in him before he does too much damage.

The biggest indication that Stewart is involved Doctor Strange 2 was in the Super Bowl trailer where we saw the back of his head and heard him say “We should tell him the truth.” Now we get to see … his hand on the chair arm. I told you these stories were off the charts!

Prof X
That’s what Humlebi is, remember, spiters are quitters


Okay, let’s ramp this naughty boy up again. In a new clip showing us Doctor Strange’s capture of a group that seemed to involve Baron Mordo, Charles Xavier and some Ultron Bots.

The inclusion of the Illuminati is mentioned by name toward the end of the trailer, when Mordo and two Ultron guards announced to Doctor Strange that “the Illuminati will see him now.”

Strange vs Gargantos

Finally, another new clip shows us Strange fighting Gargantos while trying to kill America Chavez. It’s probably the only time we’re seeing this one-eyed freak in the movie, but the scene itself looks really funny.

Now watch the clip and breathe down into a brown paper bag for a minute or two before continuing your day. I do not want to get emails from your bosses about how you were not able to concentrate on the day because of this crazy article.

Last minute update

The campaign with Carter and Rambeau has been allowed – check it out, nerds!

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