Doctor Strange 2 does not show Tom Cruises Iron Man

Industry insider KC Walsh casts doubt on Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man successor to the Doctor Strange sequel, indicating he will not be present at all.

A new report shoots down the potential of having Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man with it Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

When the first official trailer for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie came out, fans were convinced that Cruise could be seen as the Superior Iron Man in the trailer. It is rumored that the film offers variants of fan-favorite characters, although the full list of who exactly will show up remains to be seen. But according to industry insiders KC Walsh on TwitterCruise will not fit as a Tony Stark variant in the film.

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In response to a fan asking how many minutes of screen time Cruises Iron Man will have in the film, Walsh posted a GIF of US President Bill Clinton in which he said “ZERO”. This may come as disappointing news to those who hoped the character would show up. Superior Iron Man is a version of Tony Stark that embraces his worst impulses and becomes a darker version of himself, a story told in author Tom Taylor and artist Yıldıray Çınar’s limited Superior Iron Man series.

There is an enhanced character visible in campaigns for Multiverse of madness, and because of Cruise’s history with Iron Man, many speculated that the actor finally got his chance to become the tech billionaire who stayed completely on screen. Cruise expressed interest in playing Iron Man back in 1998, though the role went to actor Robert Downey Jr. for 2008’s Iron Man and the following rates in the MCU. Of course, Downey’s portrayal of the character ended with Avengers: Endgame en Stark sacrificed himself to defeat Marvel villain Thanos and his army.

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Although moviegoers will not see Cruises Iron Man, there are other speculative characters that fans think will appear in the film. Some reports suggest that heroes like actor Ioan Gruffudd’s Mr. Fantastic from the Fox Fantastic four duology and a new Wolverine in addition to actor Hugh Jackmans will be present. The one character who has visible evidence of appearing is Sir Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier / Professor X, who apparently appears in trailers and promos for the film. There will also be more than one variant of Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), where one is believed to be Strange Supreme from What if…? series about Disney +.

Though Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness has been banned in countries such as Egypt and Kuwait due to LGBTQ + content, the film is set to hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

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