Disney fans are thirsty for a ‘Toy Story’ mascot’s new look

Disney fans are thirsty for a ‘Toy Story’ mascot’s new look

Image via Disney Pixar

An iconic Toy Story character got a facelift at all costs Disneyland and Disney fans are now thirsty for him.

Disney showcased the new face reveal on their official DisneyParks TikTok page, showing off the new look to Buzz Lightyear. This is in light of the new Disney Pixar movie, Light year, which was recently released last week. Lightyear fik Star wars treatment where a cast member is wearing the space suit from the film, rather than just a full body costume.

Since the unveiling, Disney fans have reacted accordingly, mostly in shock, as this version of Buzz looked hotter than his famous mascot appearance in the theme parks. Is it getting hot in here, or have we been close to the sun?

Some fans in the comments accepted the new look and were ready to board Lightyear’s rocket ship.

However, some Toy Story fans still loved the original look, and some were hoping that both versions of Buzz would still be found in the Disney parks. If so, it will be the battle of the light years. Which do you want to choose?

This model of Buzz Lightyear is based on the character from the latest movie. It is unlikely that the toy mascot will be removed from the parks. So if you have time to visit Disneyland, you can expect to see them both walking around Tomorrowland.

If you’re eager to know the movie where the newer and younger model of Buzz Lightyear is based, Light year is now shown in cinemas.

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