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Presented by Dark Horse and Berger Books: Join authors Devin Grayson and Cecil Castellucci in a talk on climate change, our planet and possible futuresBerger Books Livestream event April 29th

From two famous authors come two distinctive stories, both of which explore the dramatic themes of our environment, the effects of climate change, and the responsibilities of humanity. Dark Horse is pleased to present Cecil Castellucci (Changing Earth) and Devin Grayson (Rewild) in conversation about their original graphic novels from Berger books imprint.

Join us Friday, April 29 at 13.00 Pacific / 16: 00 Eastern for a livestreamed discussion and fan Q&A. This virtual event will be presented at Dark Horse Comics Rich and Youtube channels. If you can not watch live, the recording will be available afterwards to watch on demand.

The creators will discuss their inspirations, the process of creating comics with their collaborators and the environmental themes that nurture both stories. While the virtual event takes place on Arbor Day itself, the creators have selected many organizations and charities that you can support any day of the year – see them below.

About the books: Rewild and Changing Earth

, written by Grayson with art by Yana Adamovic and letters by Sal Cipriano, explores environmentalism through a lens of magical realism. It is available now from both comic book stores and bookstores.

meetings The Fisher King in this new original graphic novel. Borrowed from the rich story of adventure and magical realism, the story pits two troubled young adults in a fictional New England town against a bunch of furious, pollution-ravaged sweepers who intend to restore humanity to the natural world – or remove them from equation for forever.

Demond and Poe question not only their own reason, but the rationality of our entire species as they struggle to save their city – and perhaps even the world. Lyrical, moving and urgent, Rewild is one of the first graphic novels to venture into the burgeoning genre of Cli-Fi.

The coming Changing Earth, written by Castellucci with art by Flavia Biondi, colors by Fabiana Mascolo and letters by Steve Wands, features a science fiction scene while also exploring the effects of climate change. It’s available for pre – order now and arrives in June in comic book stores, July in bookstores.

In the not so distant future, a freak particle storm has landed the botanist Dr. Maeve Millay on an idyllic but strange parallel land, with no way home. But like her own climate-ravaged planet, this green earth has an eerie side that astronomer Zuzi fights against every day. Both women are fighters, and both face a choice: strike new paths or save the worlds they have always known?

Changing EarthIn support of Earth Day, Arbor Day – charitable causes and activities for the environment
Click on any item below to visit and learn more

Earth Day
Arbor Day
Earth’s month 2022

More recommendations from the creators

Arts and Climate Initiative
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
Center for Plant Conservation
Hudson Basilica – Basilica Green
Sierra Club
The justice of the earth
The Nature Conservation Association
Project draw
The sunrise movement

Praise to Rewild

Rewild is an in-depth look at what humanity has lost in the name of progress. It’s beautiful, powerful, and through some magical trick at the same time grim and hopeful. “- Mark Waid (Kingdom Come)

“Far beyond imagination and brutal environmental reality collide in the hitherto finest work by Devin Grayson, whose sophisticated storytelling is perfectly paired with Yana Adamovic’s incredibly lovely visuals. Highly recommended.” – Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, Y, the last man)

“… a timely study of humanity’s relationship to the natural world, woven into a glorious fantasy adventure that pits man against Faerie.” – Mark Buckingham (Fables)

Praise to Changing Earth

“I happily dug into these worlds and their questions, and how they reflect so many of our questions and concerns these days, it all brought to life so vivid and alluring in history and image. An amazing combination of great problems and appealing tiny, spicy details. ” – Aimee Bender (The special sadness of lemon cake, the butterfly’s lampshade, willful creatures, the girl in the flammable skirt)

Changing Earth is a necessary reminder that it is not our future that is being discussed, but our future. How the fate of our species is built from what bricks we lay today. A very engaging and intelligent read. “- Mark Russell (God is disappointed in you, apocryphal now)

Changing Earth made me think about sustainability and the future in a new way. You may just return from this wonderful journey with the seeds of new ideas and a new commitment to building a better world. “- Charlie Jane Anders (All the birds in the sky, the city in the middle of the night, victories greater than death, even greater mistakes)

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